Colourful and confident at Goodwood

dove-invisible-dry - 4It is no secret I love bright colours. Although, like most of us, I fall back into black most of the time, I usually feel very comfortable being colourful.

60% of British women feel happier when wearing colour, but 79% are not confident enough to actually don the brights.

I can say I notice that quite a lot, especially when I wear brights; I always get comments such as “so summery”, “so bright”, “how colourful”, that carry in that tone that they do like it, but feel I am brave for wearing it.

Dove started, a while ago, a campaign to boost colour confidence, with the help of Invisible Dry deodorant, which won’t stain your blacks and other 99 colours!


And because it is one of my favourites, of course I’ve been using it for a while: you can read my full review here.

You can rest assured you are protected, your armpits are kept soft and you won’t have marks on your favourite colourful attire.

Dove Dress of 100 Colours Revealed at Goodwood Ladies' Day

Dove Dress of 100 Colours Revealed at Goodwood Ladies’ Day

This summer, Dove got together with Gok Wan, who is a fabulous advocate for body confidence, to create a bespoke dress featuring 100 colours, to inspire women to be more colour -confident.

The dress was revelead at the Goodwood races, and I was there displaying all my colour confidence and looking for inspired looks.

We stayed at box number 1 with fabulous views of the races and I might even have made some money!

Colour confidence expert Annie Ashdown gives us some tips, if you are still a bit shy about embracing colour in your life:

  • replace your socks for a colourful pair. I am into pop socks at the moment, and they makey it really easy to add a touch of colour.
  • wear turquoise – it’s the confidence colour!
  • magenta is powerful – the perfect choice for that business meeting!
  • gold says you have high standards; it’s high time you donned those skinny golden heels.

Dove Invisible Dry is available from retailers nationwide and costs £2.39 (50ml roll-on), £32.79 (compressed 75ml) and £3.79 (compressed 125ml).


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.


What I’ve been wearing – 09/10/14

From the gap between posts, you can clearly see I haven’t been as effective as I could on my outfit posts… no, I haven’t been walking around naked (phew), sometimes it is just to do with time to take the pictures, or days I am not that happy with the outfit.

That means, you get my absolute favourites, every time. And you can clearly see I am morphing into cold weather mode. I include one of my fave pieces for autumn, the blanket wrap.

Outfit #1

somanylovelythings, outfit 1

Sequin dress from a shop in the USA – it was a $35 BARGAIN, black courts from Christian Louboutin (Pigalle 100), rings from Sobral and H&M, Naturalash lashes from SalonSystem and MAC’s Lady Danger lipstick.

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Top hat

I love hairpieces. Not hats per se, I don’t think they suit me, but fascinators…. aaaah, they really fascinate me (apologies for the pun).

With the horse-races/wedding season starting, any excuse will do for me to don a hair piece. Sadly, I am not going to the races, and I am making my own fascinator for the wedding I am attending in August.

However, looking at this Vogue picture gallery made me want to buy one…

Hats off to my favourite - Jane Taylor, £350

Apart from Philip Treacy (have to point out, I like MOST of his pieces), milliner Jane Taylor presents an irresistible selection – I would wear most on the gallery.

I also like numbers 87 from Cherry Chau, Piers Atkinson’s number 8, John Lewis’ 43 and Nerida Fraiman 55, 56 and 57!

So many hats, not enough heads (and budget), I think…

The wedding dilemma

The sold out fascinator I fell in love with, from 2adorn

No, I am not getting married!

When an occasion arises on my social calendar, my very first thought is: what should I wear?

From there, I start looking for the dress, which should be a starting point. However, I do have a tendency to get side tracked – I start looking at what I call “secondaries” –  shoes, bags,  jewellery and hair pieces to go with a dress I haven’t found.

Then I do the wrong thing – fall in love with a secondary. So I start looking for the perfect dress for my fascinator. Or shoes.

So this time, for and August wedding, I knew I wanted red. To go with my Louboutin soles. So I found a red/black fascinator, which was sold out. So I trawled the internet looking for the same materials to make myself a fascinator that looked like the one I fell in love with. Then I finally found a dress. it looked like my plan got together, 4 months before the wedding.

Needless to say, I was very happy with my outfit.  But then tragedy stroke. I heard that the wedding was to be way more informal than I thought. My perfect outfit was so fitting anymore.

Shock. Panic. Horror.

I decided I needed a new dress! And this time it came naturally. During a casual stroll I found a lovely coral dress and bought it.

Now, that caused me another problem the shoes and fascinator, but that’s another matter altogether…