Top hat

I love hairpieces. Not hats per se, I don’t think they suit me, but fascinators…. aaaah, they really fascinate me (apologies for the pun).

With the horse-races/wedding season starting, any excuse will do for me to don a hair piece. Sadly, I am not going to the races, and I am making my own fascinator for the wedding I am attending in August.

However, looking at this Vogue picture gallery made me want to buy one…

Hats off to my favourite - Jane Taylor, £350

Apart from Philip Treacy (have to point out, I like MOST of his pieces), milliner Jane Taylor presents an irresistible selection – I would wear most on the gallery.

I also like numbers 87 from Cherry Chau, Piers Atkinson’s number 8, John Lewis’ 43 and Nerida Fraiman 55, 56 and 57!

So many hats, not enough heads (and budget), I think…

Let me know what you think:

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