Dani’s Little Book of Fashion: Colour me pretty, with Dove

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I often say that I dream in colour and I believe that in life, vibrancy you can see is halfway to creating the spark within.

That’s why I am bringing this Little Book of Fashion in collaboration with Dove. The brief? Colour confidence.

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Admittedly, I love colour, so I stepped up to the challenge of getting myself LCD – a little colourful dress. So you ask, “Dani, did Dove Invisible Dry send you off to Selfridges with a gift card in hands?”.

Basically yes. But they didn’t just do that. Oooh, no. They pumped me up with confidence to wear colour, loud and proud. They told me I shouldn’t be scared to dare, they said they thought I (and every woman) could pull this off. Repeatedly. In the darkest days. In the darkest hours. Whatever your age, shape or colour. Now, that is Dove for you, and that is why I am nowhere near to falling out of love with them.

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During the Dove Invisible Dry Colour Confidence event I spoke with celebrity stylist Alex Longmore who gave me a personalised “Colourstyle” consultation.

After checking which colours suited me best – she said colours that have a bit of white (so no jewel) would suit me best. Also, I was very happy to hear that when I’m tanned, I can probably get away with any colour. Score.

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Now, to the challenge. I was looking for colour. Colour. Something to get me noticed. Now, I have a lot of colour in my wardrobe already, but I needed something different.

I didn’t get a dress. I went instead for this stunning two-piece coordinate from Topshop at Selfridges: a lovely cropped Bardot neckline top and an A-line skirt with a retro feel and a bold print of huge bright yellow flowers with pickle green details on white background. Yes, quite colourful.

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The Bardot top is one of my favourite necklines – it shows my shoulders, which I like but the sleeve cutting the arm, in my view, masks the fact they are on the bigger side. Score. You don’t have to wear it cropped – a standard length will go well with trousers and even an A-line skirt. It is all about feeling comfortable.

As for the A-line skirts, I just love the shape. it really suits my body, accentuating my waist and balancing my wider hips.

So, my clothes weren’t too expensive, I decided to invest in what I call colour-enabler: nude shoes.

Now, a good pair of nude shoes is as much a staple as a pair of black. Furthermore, it won’t drag bright colours down. On the contrary, will “blend” with your skin, almost disappearing. Although i knew this, I didn’t notice the powerful effect of this until after this shoot.

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The vast majority of shoe brands will have some plain nude courts, so whatever your budget, you are certain to find some.

Also, with a pair of nude shoes, you won’t have to worry about clashes. This means, overall, there is less attention dragged to the whole thing, making it easier for you to pluck the courage to wear it knowing you won’t stick out (much). This is not a problem for me, but it is a fact women tend to keep wearing dark colours to blend in.

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The clutch is from Primark, a bargain from a few years back; the mega- cute cat eye nude-ish retro sunglasses are from Topshop, pearls are from Forever 21 and rings a mix from Primark, H&M and Forever 21.

In fact, even though 60% of women say they feel happier and more confident when wearing colour, 79% say they usually stick to dark colours because of low body confidence, as it “masks imperfections” and is “safe”.*

So Dove Invisible Dry is giving us a helping hand as it is proven not to leave marks in 100 colours, so you can rest assured only you – and your bright hues – will be noticed. I wrote an extensive review on Dove Invisible Dry, and can confirm I’ve become a fan and been using that since, together with Pure and the new gorgeous Soft Feel, my new crush.

dove invisible dry deodorant

Also, they got a super team together to offer us advice and tips on how to incorporate colour in our lives. Alex Longmore, fashion stylist, says “stepping out of the comfort zone is key”. Try, experiment and feel confident about the colours you like on you. If you are too nervous about going full bright, get yourself a nice colourful accessory, like bag, shoe or scarf as a “little colour goes a long way (…) it will instantly brighten your outfits” she adds.

They also got the fabulous confidence coach Natalie Thomas talked about the effect colour has on us. Yellow makes us happy and cheerful; red is motivational to action; purple is creative and inspirational – so always nice to look at that aspect to give our mood a boost using our outfits. I can certainly say I was feeling super happy with this yellow ensemble!

Dove Invisible Dry is available from retailers nationwide and costs between £2.39 (roll-on) to £3.79 (compressed 125ml).


Fashion styling and posing: Dani Dutra

Photography: Andy Edwards

Location: Around 3 Mills Studio, East London

*Research by OnePoll for Dove amongst 2,000 British women.
This post was created in collaboration with Dove Invisible Dry but also has my own opinions .


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