Nails of the week: green, yellow and blue (World Cup II)

brazil flag nails - somanylovelythings

So I am keeping my Brazil themed nails for the World Cup. This time, I went classic, with the Brazil flag. I used the flag just on my ring finger, as an accent.

On my ring fingers, in both hands, I used Maybelline NY new SuperStay Gel nail colour in Lime Me Up, H&M yellow Summer Sunshine and L’Oreal Paris’Rebel Blue for the flag, which I did free hand. I painted the middle section yellow, then added the half circle with blue close to the cuticle. Then, painted the green at the tips and applied Nails Inc Electric Lane holographic topcoat.

For the other fingers, just the beautiful plain blue of Rebel Blue.

It was the first time I tried the new Maybelline Superstay Gel nail colour and was impressed; it is very pigmented and extremely smooth to apply. It also lasted very well. You can read more about the other new colours on this post.

brazil flag nails - somanylovelythings

Overall, quite easy to achieve in two nails. For one, I painted the whole nail yellow, then realised it was a mistake, as after the topcoat, the polish shrunk a bit and a tiny line of yellow was showing  below the blue circle. For the other nail, I just applied yellow in the middle.

I really like this one, it ended up quite discreet but very much within the theme.







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