Maybelline SuperStay launches

Long-lasting makeup? Yes please! That is what Maybelline is promising us with the new products on their SuperStay range.

Most of us know the 24 Lip Color and Maybelline is expanding the family, with foundation, powders, concealer, nail and lip colours, and I found out about it at an event in central London last week.

maybelline ny launches

The Better Skin foundation and concealers contains provitamin B5, Magnesium, Copper and Zinc. It also contains Flex technology (which adapts to skin movement, being tightness-preventing) and glycerine (attracts moisture and makes skin look hydrated and radiant). The promise flawless coverage and bright skin for up to 13 hours. The foundation is available is eight shades and the concealer, two and they are already in the shops for £8.99 and £5.99 respectively.The lipsticks promise 14 hours of saturated colours. The shades are amazing, I have to say:  pinks (Flash of Fuchsia and Neon Pink), a coral (Burst of Coral) and a red (Red Rays).

maybelline ny launches

The nail shades are divided between pastels and brights (tough, tough choice – so unfair!). The are gel nail colours promising long lasting, chip resistant colour for up to 7 days. The new brights Pink Volt, Lime Me Up and Orange Punch will deliver that pop for the summer; the pastels Uptown Blue and Pink in the Park deliver delicate spring hues. The colour saturation in the polishes is amazing; especially for the pastels, which have exceptional coverage.

The lipsticks and nail colours are out early June 2014 and retail for £6.99 and £4.49 each, respectively.

maybelline ny launches

Coming out later in the year, there is the shine-fighting Super Stay 24h  Powder. It claims to be a waterproof powder with hydrophobic barriers which prevent colour from changing and repel water. At the same time, it is a very light product. It launches in October 2013 and retails at £6.99.

nails by michelle humphrey - maybelline superstay

At the event, I had my Better Skin foundation colour match and a beautiful manicure from the mega talented Michelle Humphrey, the Maybelline NY nail expert, using the new SuperStay Gel Nail colours. 

So, lots t look forward from Maybelline. I have started trying out the products and reviews will be out soon – keep you eyes peeled!






4 thoughts on “Maybelline SuperStay launches

    • They are amazing colours – excellent coverage, I must add, especially for the pastels, which tend to be a bit difficult to apply because of staining!
      Thanks for dropping by!
      Dani xxx


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