Maleficent everything: Jewellery


image: Vogue UK

image: Vogue UK

Ooooh, the film is not even out but Maleficent is the gift that keeps on giving (especially for me, I’ve been a fan since she scared the pants out of me in the 80’s Sleeping Beauty VHS, yep, I’m that old) and producing the most amazing stuff for us to see, use or simply lust after.

The Disney collaborations seem never-ending and the latest for this movie is jewellery: dark, gorgeous and wearable by Crow’s Nest Jewels, the same folks responsible for a Sleeping Beauty collection.

The seven-piece collection has rings, bracelets and earcuffs that take inspiration from main elements in the fairy tale – read fire, dragons, horns thorns ad feathers – and are made mainly in silver and white gold covered with black rhodium with black diamonds, onyx, sapphires and green tsavorite. Drool.

My favourites have to be the opal dragon ring (very) closely followed by the amazing fire ring and the horn bracelet.

Prices range from £2,500 to 13,500 so this one will definitely go into my “lust over” bucket.

As the designer Daniel Belevitch said, just like Maleficent, the collection is “dark, but beautiful”. I like that.

Read more at Vogue and check the Crow’s Nest Jewels website for details on the stunning pieces.



2 thoughts on “Maleficent everything: Jewellery

    • Aren’t they amazing? Shame they are not for my pocket hahahahhahahaha.
      I am soooo looking forward to the movie – and I’m not even that big a Disney fan!
      Thanks for your comment and visit!
      Dani x


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