Nails of the week: ten days of nails – green, coral flowery and tie-dye

This post is a bit different. I usually do a new manicure every week, and well, post it – hence the “nails of the week” series name.

The past ten days, though, have been a bit different. For starters, I couldn’t be bothered to do a mani (shock horror). So I just pushed back the cuticles (shock horror II – you can see there was no proper manicure involved!) and dug into my nail polish box and selected a single colour to grace my nails.

The selected was the beautiful Kiko 533(pearly golden green) – which I have to say, deservedly took to the “single colour mani” podium.

green nails - somanylovelythings

I had a couple of events last week, and both offered amazing manicures. Not just your ordinary paint job, but proper nail art. The first one came from Liz Earle: a beautiful floral manicure using a beautiful flashing coral polish called Bright & Breezy, delivered by the lovely ladies from Boom Nails. The polish delivers AMAZING shine and it is just like spring on your hands.

Two days later, I had the honour of having the amazing manicurist Michelle Humphrey touch my talons. Michelle is the Maybelline NY nail expert,  manicurist to the stars and to catwalk – we are talking serious nail expertise here.

And she delivered a lovely, dreamy fairy tale tie-dye effect nails in minutes, using the new SuperStay Gel nail colours from Maybelline: Uptown Blue and Pink in the Park. What really stroke me is that the pastels have a fantastic pigmentation – pastels tend to be quite “diluted”, thus staining and requiring many coats. Not these two. Impressed.

To make it even more “out in the morning clouds” (you can see I’m in love with this many, no?), I added my “magic sparkle” Electric Lane topcoat from Nails Inc. I also left with invaluable tips from Michelle on how to create my own tie-dye, so will be using them to do my own very soon.

So what do you think of the manis? What is your favourite?


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