Review: Maleficent by MAC True Love’s Kiss Lipstick

maleficent by mac lipstick true love's kiss

After so much anticipation, the Maleficent by MAC launched in the UK on the 15 May.  I had already set my little wish list and was determined to get my claws on a few items.

As soon as I received their email saying the collection was available, I went online and placed an order for the lipstick – which was the item I really wanted), the lip liner and some lashes.

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Maleficent everything: Jewellery


image: Vogue UK

image: Vogue UK

Ooooh, the film is not even out but Maleficent is the gift that keeps on giving (especially for me, I’ve been a fan since she scared the pants out of me in the 80’s Sleeping Beauty VHS, yep, I’m that old) and producing the most amazing stuff for us to see, use or simply lust after.

The Disney collaborations seem never-ending and the latest for this movie is jewellery: dark, gorgeous and wearable by Crow’s Nest Jewels, the same folks responsible for a Sleeping Beauty collection.

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Maleficent by MAC makeup collection

maleficent by mac


Argh, someone help me. I am hyperventilating. Big time. I have just seen the preview pictures of the new MAC Maleficent inspired collection.

I have proclaimed my love to Maleficent many a times, and have finally dressed by as my favourite Disney “princess” last Halloween, so I am dying to get my paws on some the items.

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My halloween look: Disney’s Maleficent

Maleficent Halloween look - somanylovelythings

It is no secret I absolutely LOVE dressing up. Halloween is just another opportunity for me to get drawing, cutting, sewing and hot gun gluing.

Maleficent is my favourite Disney character. It has always been, since my mum bought me the Sleeping Beauty book from the book circle people (it was so long ago, they used to come to your door, hahahahaha) and then later on, the VHS, which I watched repeatedly, as any good child obsessed with their favourite story. However, even though I love Aurora, Maleficent was for me, the highlight of the story and even though she deserved to die (as these stories go), I just loved watching her turn into a huge, scary dragon.

Maleficent Halloween look - somanylovelythings

So this year, I decided to turn into the Mistress of All Evil. I interpreted her three times when younger at school, and although I perfected the evil cackle after the “prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die” line, my costume making and makeup resources and abilities weren’t even close to what they are today.

With high expectations, I started to gather the bits: a cheap vampire cloak, twisted devil horns, an amazing raven (or crow, not quite sure!) and purple satin from eBay. I painted the horns black (with acrylic paint from Tiger, they originally had some red in them) and using a hot glue gun, attached them to a wide alice band. I wrapped a satin ribbon around the joints and headband to give it a better finish.

Maleficent Halloween look - somanylovelythings

For the sceptre, I bought a cheap devils trident and a tacky oversized Christmas bauble, which was red. I removed the colour with nail polish remover to rveal the silver and glued (hot glue) to the trident stick. I then hot glued my raven on to it.

I then cut the sizes of the cloak, added a lining layer of purple to the back and added the shredded purple details to the from opening. Underneath, I wore a New Look black velvelt bodycon, tights and black court shoes.

Maleficent Halloween look - somanylovelythings

For the make up, I created my usual base with Hourglass Veil primer, MAC Fortified skin enhancer in adjust, foundation, concealer and powder. I then started the eyes. I used Urban Decay purple Vice and MAC Bitter for the eyes, as well as Eyeko Skinny liner and Black Magic mascara and a set of exaggerated, cheap false lashes.

I painted my raised eyebrows and my widow’s peak with MAC gel liner in Blacktrack. I then applied eyeshadow Bitter all over my face, to exhaustion, until I became green-ish and contoured the cheeks quite blatantly with MAC’s Carbon eyeshadow and my usual contouring shade from Inglot (a muted almost grey brown).

I finished off with MAC’s Russian Red and a huge black ring.

And as a bonus, here is a pic of my better half Frankenstein monster, which I put together pretty quickly! Make up took five minutes with green face paint, MAC gel liner in Blacktrack and Carbon eyeshadow. Bolts were made of grey foam, painted unevenly with Barry M Foil effect polish and glued on with Duo lash glue.

frankenstein halloween look - somanylovelythings

I think I looked quite scary. I was very pleased with my Maleficent – I was so worried I wouldn’t make her justice, but in the end, I think I pulled it off!

What did you dress up as for Halloween this year?