Maleficent by MAC makeup collection

maleficent by mac


Argh, someone help me. I am hyperventilating. Big time. I have just seen the preview pictures of the new MAC Maleficent inspired collection.

I have proclaimed my love to Maleficent many a times, and have finally dressed by as my favourite Disney “princess” last Halloween, so I am dying to get my paws on some the items.

My faves? The red lipstick (obviously!) called True Love’s Kiss, the 30 lashes (my favourite shape) and the pro longwear lip liner in Maleficent. Oooo, please, let me have them!!!

They will be available later this month, so ladies, expect me to turn into a flame throwing dragon if I don’t get the items on my list – and then some!!!

Check out and Refinery29 for more details!


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