Malangeli: Christian Louboutin’s Maleficent heels


Everyone knows how much I love Christian Louboutin. And Maleficent. So what is not to like here?

Most of us have all seen Angelina Jolie strutting her stuff around the Maleficent premieres wearing the most amazing shoes in white, gold and black, designed exclusively for the occasion.


Now we can all officially meet Malangeli – Christian Louboutin’s Maleficent inspired heels, created in collaboration with Jolie. And it could be yours.

All eyes are in what, for me, is the star of the design: the curled heel, which reminds us of a curl of (evil) smoke.


The shoes also have a nude mesh base and are not just pretty; they also do good: profits from sales benefit SOS Children’s Villages, and NGO supported by Angelina that provides homes for orphaned and abandoned children in 133 countries.


The limited edition pairs are arriving in October and are available for pre-order from only a few boutiques around the world, in patent red and black . The price in London is £950, or US$1,400 in the US.

Read more about it on the Christian Louboutin website.

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