Review: Starlettos heel protector

starlettos - somanylovelthings

How annoying is it to sink your heels on grass? Apart from the inconvenience, there is the dirt. What about destroying your heels in gravel? Argh. For heel lovers, these are the things nightmares are made of. *shivers*

Sadly, this is bound to happen when heels are needed to compliment that outfit you spent aaages choosing… Fortunately for us, some folks came up with this lovely idea: Starlettos.

starlettos - somanylovelthings

Starlettos are round plastic “flowers” that you can add to your heel to protect them in these situations. They have a sturdy, wide base to make sure you don’t sink, and the “petals” protect the heels against abrasions.

I must confess they were bigger in size than I thought they would be. I tried in a variety of heels and they see to fit nicely to a reasonable amount of widths (8-14mm).

Mine is clear in colour and they looked alright. I mean, it is not the most beautiful thing stuck to your heel, you could see they were there but didn’t interfere much with the nude shoes. Certainly the benefits outweigh this small issue by a mile.

starlettos - somanylovelythings

Barely there. Oh, and the lovely dress is from Chi Chi London

They don’t damage the heel as the material is very soft and they also don’t interfere with our walk, offering a steady base on irregular terrain. They come with a handy little pouch so you can pop them in the handbag once you reach harder floors.

Needless to say they are at the ready for the next wedding! Actually, call me sad, but I’ve already put it in the dustbag to make sure I don’t forget.

You can buy Starlettos from their website, they cost only £5.99 (plus p&p) and are available in all clear, like mine or with a black base, which I am also considering buying for darker shoes. You can also get them from eBay and Amazon.



P.S. I’d like to thank Hollie for bringing those to my attention!

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