L’Oréal MakeUp Genius app to launch

loreal makeup genius app
You can trust L’Oréal to keep stepping up the beauty game. This time, however, they do it in a slightly different way: in the shape of the MakeUp Genius application for smartphones, launching in October (UK).

loreal makeup genius app

They brand it the “ultimate makeup app” and I have to say I was pretty much dazzled by it. It delivers makeup in augmented reality, using face tracking technology, so our smart devices become mirrors and we can try the makeup virtually, before buying.

The face tracking recognition tech has been used in over 50 games, videos and films (such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and now, for the first time, in the makeup industry. Opposed to just transferring the makeup to a static face template, like all apps currently on the market, this app actually adjusts to our movements. Makeup placing, I have to say, is rather precise and realistic.

loreal_makeupgenius - 5

It picks up 64 facial points, works in 400 lighting conditions, captures more than 150,000 images and has multi-ethnic facial recognition and tracking. Its main aim is to aid better choices in makeup purchases, reduce the number of samples in counters and especially, extinguish items relegated to the bottom of our makeup bags due to poor decision!

You can try full looks and find out all the products used, you can try single products or even scan a product in the shop to “try on”. There are also tutorials available to help you achieve the looks.

The app was unveiled last week in London and I was actually mesmerised when I tried – looks, products  – it was all very impressive and fun! After trying, I am actually considering wearing more blue and purple eyeshadows!

Really cannot wait until October to download it. It will be free and available from iTunes for iPhone and iPad.



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