Beauty reimagined: Fabled by Marie Claire

fabled-by-marie-claire-review-1Imagine a gorgeous place where your favourite beauty brands come together. That would be enough, right?

Add some beauty experts edits and opinions, from a leading magazine, to make your life easier when choosing the best products for you.

fabled-by-marie-claire-review-2Then, top it off with a real shop full of friendly and approachable professionals in the counters.

Enough? Thought so, but there’s more: online shop with the superb Ocado delivery service, within a chosen 1 hour time slot.

Too good to be true? Maybe, but it’s real. All this is Fabled by Marie Claire.

And you can experience it right now as I have an exclusive 15% discount code for you, lovely readers, to start shopping online right now: VOU039323938, valid until the 26th October 2016. 

To me, the concept is genius: an online shop tons of amazing beauty brands covering makeup, skincare, hair and fragrance, supported by the magazine expert edits, reviews and trend watching.

Beauty lovers that might be short for time, or are not sure about what red lipstick to go for, now have a haven to make their lives easier and help them nail they beauty needs.

And The Fabled Shop in London’s Tottenham Court Road? Dreamy!

fabled-marie-claireI was about to place my order at and decided I needed a new foundation. Took the opportunity to try the new Urban Decay All Nighter foundation.

So I went to the shop for a colour match, as I work nearby. Even though I told the lovely makeup artist on the UD counter I was not buying, she was lovely, helpful and super friendly.

I also wanted to get myself a new eyeliner – I went for Estée Lauder Little Black Liner. Obviously both will be reviewed soon!

fabled-by-marie-claire-review-3Now to the order. The site is clean, well categorised, so it is easy to use and find what you’re looking for. You can also look for specific brands, skin concerns, the Marie Claire edit and specific filtering within categories.

They have an online chat to help you in those decisive hours and placing the order is very quick and painless, with Ocado delivery (free over £15, £3.90 otherwise) slots from 5:30 am to 11:3pm.

And you can attach it to your grocery shopping. Now, that’s as exciting as it is dangerous!

Remember, you can get 15% off right now with my code VOU039323938, valid until the 26th October.

fabled-by-marie-claire-review-4At and at their fabulous The Fabled Shop at 21 Tottenham Court Road, London, you can find Aveda, Aromatherapy Associates, Balance Me, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, bkr, Burberry, Clinique, Caudalie, Crabtree & Evelyn, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Essie, Eyeko, Estée Lauder, Eylure, ghd, Giorgio Armani, Gucci,  Hugo Boss, He-Shi, Lancôme, Lipstick Queen, L’Oréal Paris, Marc Jacobs, Maybelline, Nails Inc, NARS, OPI, REN, Rimmel, Seche, St. Tropez, Skin & Tonic, T3, This Works, The Balm, Tom For, Urban Decay, Zelens (breathe) and much more.


You know the drill, but I’ll say anyway: this post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

Nails of the week: Black and white

black and white nails - somanylovelythings

Lately, I’ve been a bit lazy with my nail art; this does happen to me from time to time, and at the moment I am going through an almost “cannot be bothered” phase.

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My hero products of 2014


Retrospective. Most of the times, not a good thing (as we tend to do it when something didn’t go right) but in this case, a rather fab one as I am looking back at my life-saver products of 2014.

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Review: L’Oréal L’Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick by Color Riche

L'Oréal L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick by Color Riche in Rouge Soprano All hail the era of the lip lacquer – it is not a gloss, but it is not a lipstick, it sits there in the middle. The lip lacquer of the moment here is the L’Oréal L’Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick by Color Riche in Rouge Soprano (301).

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Review: L’Óreal Paris Color Riche Eye Primer Base

L'Óreal Paris Color Riche Eye Primer Base

Since I first discovered primers, I cannot imagine my life without them – for face or eyes, a primer is an essential item in my makeup bag.

The L’Óreal Paris Color Riche Eye Primer Base comes as a handy chubby pencil. Not too soft in consistency, it glides well on the lid, delivering a light nude colour.

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Product review: Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo, Conditioner and Thickness Booster

Elvive Fibrology shampoo conditioner booster

A product promising to thicken my hair gets me über excited any day. When a whole line of products claims to give you thicker hair, from the first use, excitement is endless. So imagine how I felt when the L’Oréal Elvive Fibrology Thickening shampoo, conditioner and Thickener Booster landed at my door! Squee!

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Nails of the week: black and berry colours marble

nail marbling - somanylovelythingsI decided to use a dark colour as a base for marbling this week. I do prefer the lighter colours, as the contrast is better, but wanted something a little bit different.

Using a whole lot of L’Oréal Paris Color Riche shades ranging from very light milky pink to bordeaux, I went for a black base and and ombre effect for the marble – seems like there is a lot going on but was actually quite simple.

nail marbling - somanylovelythings

I used Black Swan and from pinky to thumb, Rose Paradis, Dating Coral, Spicy Orange, Shocking Pink and Addictive Plum, as well as L’Oréal 7 in 1 Saviour as base coat and 2-in-1 Protect as topcoat – all from the L’Oréal Nail masterclass Pick n’ Mix!

nail marbling - somanylovelythings

I was very happy with the results; Dating Coral and Shocking Pink fared particularly well with the black. Durability was very good too!



L’Oréal Paris new Color Riche Glitterati polishes launch and nail masterclass

Loreal color riche gliteratti nail polish

When it comes to my blog, a few things are more exciting than an event entitled Nail Masterclass, especially if it is with L’Oréal Paris.

The event took place in central London and a few bloggers had the chance to try the new Color Riche Glitterati collection and the Nails à Porter fake nails, learn to create a couple designs with L’Oréal’s nail expert Grace Humphries and find out more about L’Oréal’s new Nail Art website,, a portal where you can find the latest nail trends and expert tips.

click on the image to enlarge is full of advice, news, tutorials (easy to follow!) and has the colour expert, which is a tool where you can choose a colour and a level of difficulty and be presented with nail art ideas. They also have an app called the Color Genius, which helps you find the best make-up and nail colour for your outfit, and you can choose the match, blend and clash the suggestions! Clever, eh?

Color Riche Glitterati collection

Now, the new collection for the A/W13-14 and party season: the polishes are just gorgeous. As the name Glitterati suggests, all four shades are glitter based. What I really like about them is that you can use all as a topcoat, as an accent for nail art or on their own. They all have the Color Riche fan brush too, which is great! I swatched on the wheel with 3 coats; as you can see, the polish is very saturated with glitter. Two coats will also give a very good coverage.

Loreal giitterati collection

Sequin Extravaganza, Scarlet TInsel, Bling Bling Bang and Black Diamond

Sequin Extravaganza is an explosion of glitter colours and shapes. Clear base with mainly silver glitter in various shapes and sizes, it also has a bit of gold, blue, pink and green. This makes this polish quite multi-dimensional, and although there are so many different sizes, shapes and colours, it all sits together so well it creates the illusion of one layer. Pretty.

Scarlet Tinsel is a sea of beautiful dark pink fine glitter. It sparkles a lot and on its owns gives the nail a uniform cover.

The jellish blue base with sapphire blue glitter Bling Bling Bang is far from shy. The glitter is also a combination of small and fine with bigger circles and It has a jewel-like finish and looks amazing on its own, but also lush on black and other colours, with a little bit of colour shifting. I think I’ve been Bling Bling Bang(ed) – I actually tweeted it to L’Oréal. I have no shame.

Finally, Black Diamond is a metallic black with fine silvery glitter. It is the more discreet from the collection and looks beautiful on and it looks like asphalt when on. Like it.

Nails à Porter

click on the image to enlarge

We also found out about a new product L’Oréal is launching: Nails à Porter, their answer to the express manicure. The new fake nails, hitting the shelves soon, are great. To start with, they are super flexible. They come in different designs, from the classic red and French manicure to bold gold and black. It has little stickers, a great selection of sized to match your natural nails and are said to last up to five days. I will be testing them soon and posting my finds! Exciting!


click on the image to enlarge

As we sat in our lovely manicure stations, nail expert Grace Humphries taught us how to create two nail designs: glitter tip and glitter half-moon and French tip, which I tried on the wheel too.

I ended up painting on hand (yes, one hand. Oh the shame to take to tube back with one untidy hand!) with Black Swan and a Sequin Extravaganza gradient from the cuticles. This combination is great!

At the end, there was a nail polish pick-and-mix, where we could take the shades we liked to enter their Nail Art challenge – to which I have promptly sent my design, using loads of the polishes I took home.

click on the image to enlarge

It was a lovely evening, packed with news and very informative. The people were lovely, the new polishes are amazing, the nails à porter are a very interesting product. Cannot wait to keep using the polishes!