I (finally) fell for Chanel

chanel-rouge-allure-velvet-lipstick-review-4My first Chanel lipstick. Yes, you heard it right.

This is one of those moments that makes me feel like a fraud as beauty blogger. Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t own a Chanel lipstick. There, I said it. Even my Chanel bag came before the lipstick!

So obviously I went for a red. Not any red, but the gorgeous Rouge Allure Velvet Rouge Feu (57), part of their Le Rouge Collection no1.

chanel-rouge-allure-velvet-lipstick-review-1This is an orange red, which personally is the best red for me (although true and blue also suit my complexion) and it has a beautiful matte finish.

Despite the finish, it is very creamy and extremely comfortable to wear. Durability is very good and it fades evenly.

chanel-rouge-allure-velvet-lipstick-review-3Also, I find this quite special as it was purchased at the brand new Fabled by Marie Claire shop in Tottenham Court Road, London, where you can find the best names in beauty – skincare, makeup, nails, fragrance, hair – it’s all there!

The counters are super approachable and the service and care are fantastic. Plus, you get to shop the Marie Claire edits, which are perfect for those looking for a look.

chanel-rouge-allure-velvet-lipstick-review-2I have to say that Marie Claire nailed it with Fabled. Bringing all those brands together, making beauty shopping easy.

And it gets easier: you can shop online and get it delivered with Ocado, within a named 1-hour slot. You can read all about the Fabled shopping experience on this post.

And because I love you, here’s a 15% discount code: VOU039323938, valid until the 26th October.


Dani’s Little Book of Fashion: the wide-legged trousers

so-many-lovely-things-7-of-11Recently I became obsessed with these wide legged trousers. When I say recently, add around 6 months.

After years constricting ourselves into skinnies, my pins welcome the freedom and breeze of these babies.

so-many-lovely-things-6-of-11This particular pair is a fantastic cut for my body shape: high waisted, flowy and skimming the bum. It doesn’t pinch too much at the waist, just the right amount. Just flattering and perfect.

These Forever 21 bargain trousers are so versatile it’s not even funny – they do day, evening, flats, heels, summer and winter without any effort. I always feel elegant on them.

so-many-lovely-things-1-of-11Here, I paired them up with a netted (super) crop tee from Topshop, which add a bit of informality to the attire.

so-many-lovely-things-9-of-11These silver block heels are amazing. Also very versatile, a manageable heel height for every day and super comfortable leather from Kurt Geiger.

The shoes are a very easy way to add some metallics to the outfit without being too out there.

so-many-lovely-things-10-of-11Statement sunglasses were in order for this hot day in London – and Le Specs does it effortlessly, for a pocket friendly price.

so-many-lovely-things-5-of-11I wore a basic day makeup (escaped from the office to  do the shoot), red lips, plenty of rings and my Mulberry Lily bag.

And I had the best time with the wonderfully talented Sarah Bacchus, the photographer from 2Boxes Photography.

She made me feel so comfortable, was fabulous at directing and getting the best shots out of me.

so-many-lovely-things-3-of-11She was also very speedy, making the lunch break shoot a fun and smooth reality!

2Boxes does styling sessions, but also amazing photography of all types – wedding, children, events, fashion… name it and it will be done in a magical and professional matter.

My wide-legged trousers joy was captured brilliantly!


A lipstick shade a day: the Sleek Lip VIP

sleek_lip_vip_lipstick_review - 3Not too long ago I mentioned Sleek was the very first red lipstick I ever owned, and that started a love affair that spanned years.

Guess how happy I was to get a LOAD of amazing Sleek MakeUp lip colours, but this time it came in the shape of their fabulous new Lip VIP lipsticks, which are somewhat different: they have a semi-matte finish.

sleek_lip_vip_lipstick_review - 1Apart from the more luxurious packaging with the colour at the bottom, this £5.49 gem packs a punch. It’s super pigmented and hydrating, with Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, at the same time, while offering a very decent durability!

This Very Important Pout collection has six new shades to take you straight into spring/summer and more.

sleek_lip_vip_lipstick_review - 4My favourite, Flaunt It, is a vibrant orange; Night Spot is a rich pinkier red (and I love a red lipstick!); Guest List is a bright coral; Backstage, a warm coral pink; Reserved, a candy pink and Private Booth a great nude with some pink in it, and not grey and dull as most, so suitable for my skin tone!

sleek_lip_vip_lipstick_review - 2

L-R: Night Spot, Flaunt it, Guest List, Backstage, Reserved and Private Booth

This fabulous collection will update your wardrobe for the coming season. In fact, I’ve already started injecting it in my life now!

 And at £5.49 each, you can certainly afford a few, if not all!

The gorgeous Sleek MakeUP Lip VIP collection is now available from Superdrug, Boots and at sleekmakeup.com.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.


Red soles for your lips: the Louboutin Rouge Velvet Matte lipstick

rouge_louboutin_velvet_matte_lipstick - 4

“An object that embellishes the lips – the beacon of sensuality and organ of communication – has to be fairly amazing”. Well, isn’t it just?

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A GOSH a day: matte lipsticks for the whole week

gosh_aw15_velvet_touch_lipstick - 2 GOSH always delivers when it comes to lips. Every season. And for AW15, it is no different.

They are bringing out the love Velvet Touch Matt, which has eight fabulous matte shades, from nudes to rich plums, to update our lips in the new season.

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Review: Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Divine Lips lipstick

joan collins divine lips crystalTimeless Beauty is indeed a very appropriate name for Dame’s Joan Collins‘s beauty line, for obvious reasons. At 81, whatever her secret is, I want a piece of it.

Of course, you all know I cannot say no to a red lipstick, so this was a clever move to get me on their side.

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Review: Maleficent by MAC True Love’s Kiss Lipstick

maleficent by mac lipstick true love's kiss

After so much anticipation, the Maleficent by MAC launched in the UK on the 15 May.  I had already set my little wish list and was determined to get my claws on a few items.

As soon as I received their email saying the collection was available, I went online and placed an order for the lipstick – which was the item I really wanted), the lip liner and some lashes.

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Red lipstick: how to apply

how to apply red lipstick - somanylovelythings

It was love at first stroke. And I knew it was going to be for life. There are colours I like on my lips. But love, red is the only one.

Being a 90’s teenager meant nothing but lipgloss coloured (?!) my lips for a very long time. Until I had the red lippy epiphany and my life was never the same. I realise THAT is my real self – the expression of my personality via a red lip.

I consider myself quite fortunate as blue-ish, orange and true reds suit my skin. Being olive-skinned, the oranges do look much nicer, but jointly with MAC’s Lady Danger (which I believe is the best shade for me), Russian Reds reigns.

However, there is nothing worse than a badly applied red lipstick (I lied, there is, but for dramatic purposes, I won’t elaborate), and lots of people ask how I do it and keep it all night. Well, I’ll tell you how. It happens in stages. At the moment, my skin is extra dry – weather and medication being the culprits.

  • Look after your lips. I use Lush’s sugar lip scrub to exfoliate. When my pucker is feeling rougher, I do it every night. If not, from time to time, when I need. My dad used to tell me off an awful lot when younger “Ni, stop licking your lips”. Well, no surprise, he was right. Avoid. Use a balm instead!
  • Use plenty of lip balm when not wearing lipstick. I apply every night before bed, generously, without fail. It is part of my night routine, just as cleansing, toning and moisturising. I realised some make my lips drier, even though they work for most people. At the moment, I am loving Nivea Lip Butter, any flavour!
  • For unexpected roughness and dry skin, put some lip balm on and use a toothbrush to gently scrub away the dry skin, preparing your lips for colour.
  • When I start my makeup, even before I start prepping, I apply lip balm on my lips. And do my makeup. By the time I get to them, the balm has almost been completely absorbed (I usually wipe if off anyway, not to interfere with the lipstick) and my lips are ready! I don’t use a lip primer, I tried a few but didn’t think it was any more effective than my current routine.

how to apply red lipstick - somanylovelythings

  • First, I line my lips (01). Use a good liner with a colour close to the lipstick. doesn’t need to be the same. I use Redd from MAC with almost any red I have (but not burgundies). If I want it a bit more vibrant, I use an orange-y one (Lasting Sensation is a fave). Line within your lip line for a natural effect. I paint a bit of the lip with the pencil (02), to help blending  the colours.
  • Then, using a lip brush (MAC 318 retractable lip brush is my godsend) fill the lip, blending the lines (03). I just go over them carefully with the brush.
  • Sometimes I pat a tissue on the lips to remove excess, repeat application and remove excess again.
  • Finally, I apply my saviour product Lipcote (04). I cannot live without it. Really. Make sure you apply it correctly. First, around the edges, then fill the lips. DO not eat or drink for 30 minutes. If you follow the instructions and use a matte lipstick, it is very likely it will hang in there for a few hours, even when drinking, Oily foods will remove it for sure.

how to apply red lipstick - somanylovelythings

And that is it! To be honest, I wear red day or night – and highly recommend, as long as you feel comfortable!


What I’ve been wearing – 28 April 2013

Another week, a whole set of outfits… aaaaaaah! Again, B&W obsession is NOT going away…

Outfit #1

outfit of the day

Some spots and stripes! Lulu Guinness for Uniqlo top, River Island polka dot skirt, red court shoes from New Look. Lipstick is MAC Red.

Outfit #2

outfit of the day

Leather collar shirt, from Primark, black shorts from H&M, black and white court shoes from Viviana Calcados, set of above the knuckle rings from H&M, key, pearl and heart rings from New Look. Lipstick is MAC So Chaud.

Outfit #3

outfit of the day

Didn’t really have time to properly photograph the outfit that wasn’t black and white!!! AAArgh! Black top, blue patterned trousers and necklace from H&M, black court shoes from River Island.

Outfit #4

outfit of the day

Apple print shirt from Friday on My Mind, black pencil skirt from H&M, red court shoes from New Look, kiss and bow rings from Primark, set of above the knuckle rings from H&M. Lipstick is Ruby Woo.

Outfit #5


Black and white patterned shirt from H&M, leather-like pleated skirt from Primark, black and white court shoes from Viviana, bow and key rings and bracelet from New Look. Lipstick is MAC Lady Danger.

What about you? What have you been wearing?

A red a day – a liptastic week

red lips - somanylovelythings

Monday to Friday, from the top

My love of red lipstick is nothing new. If you know me, you know that you are very likely to find me wearing red lipstick – day or night. I just feel more like myself wearing it.

I am not sure when I rekindled my affair with lipstick. Think I talked about it here before. The 90’s and 00’s for me were really all about lipgloss. In a way, it was a blessing as my eyes were usually smeared with blue. My make up abilities came a looong way.

Lipgloss was the thing to have on your lips at the time. Everyone had bare, shiny lips, it looked like we had eaten greasy spare ribs and didn’t wipe our mouths. Please don’t take these comments as a “I am never wearing lipgloss again”. Far from it, I may dabble with it again, but since I got a proper flush of colour on my lips, it is really hard to let go.

Obviously, I amassed a small collection of it and have a couple favourites (one of them, actually doesn’t feature!), but love them all (almost) equally.

The past week, I noticed I wore red lipstick for work everyday of the week, so “a red a day” just kinda happened. Apologies as the pictures are not brilliant, I cropped my “outfit of the day” images…

On Monday, I wore  MAC Red, on Tuesday So Chaud, on Wednesday, Lady Bug, on Thursday Ruby Woo and on Friday, Lady Danger, all From MAC. My beloved Russian Red will have to wait for another week!

red MAC lipsticks - somanylovelythings

Have to say, I prefer the matte ones, purely for the staying power, but I won’t dismiss any red, after all, I am certain that life in red is more fun – at least mine is.