Red soles for your lips: the Louboutin Rouge Velvet Matte lipstick

rouge_louboutin_velvet_matte_lipstick - 4

“An object that embellishes the lips – the beacon of sensuality and organ of communication – has to be fairly amazing”. Well, isn’t it just?

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Shoe fund 2012 cashed in

Christian Louboutin red shoes - somanylovelythings shoe fundIt’s been more than two years now –  I finally stopped going on about it – but I could not be happier with my shoe fund – it gave me beautiful decolleté in 2011 and I wanted to share (better late than ever, I suppose) the fruits of the 2012 fund. I shall never look back.

Nude was on my mind. And throughout the whole year I was set on a classic pair of nude shoes. However , at the last minute I saw red. Literally, I just had this urge to buy red shoes.

Given the colour choice, I thought I’d go for another designer, and not cave into my usual Louboutin obsession, as red on red seemed a bit odd. Blahnik and Choo were head to head – or toe to toe, if you prefer a foot based comparison for this post’s illustration purposes.

But then I fell in love (and as you know, I go totally blind when I fall in love) and the shoe fund 2012 materialised in the shape of the lovely patent, pointy-toed and needle heeled Christian Louboutin Decolleté. Red on red never looked so good to me. I cannot even believe that for a moment I thought it wouldn’t work.

What a beauty – they have already been worn. Now, nude probably got bumped to next year. May be. Shoe fund 2013 is already growing….

Read more about the my shoe fund.

What I wore – 14/07/2012

Bad, bad weather. Been desperately trying to keep my pins out, but it feels like the tights are stuck to them!

Black, white and red is my favourite combination ever for dressing. So pretty, effortless and instantly gives you a classic look. Cannot have enough of it, as you can see this week!

Fruit print seems to be a recurring theme this week – appeared twice in my wardrobe!

My favourite outfit was Wednesday’s, I am in love with the blouse… I thought I’d make a bit more of an effort as I attend Cointreau Rendez-vous in London, a lovely event where you got a cocktail master class, mini manis and the lovely ladies from Wish Want Wear. It was held at the super-quirky Ninetyeight bar in Shoreditch.


Cherry print dress (H&M), red patent court shoes (New Look), red belt (Little Mistress), rings (skull – small shop in Paris, black stones – Primark, apple – New Look), bracelets (spike and gold chain – Topshop, gold and black – H&M), MAC lipstick in Lady Danger, Collection 2000 Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner and MAC eyeshadow in Nylon.


Blue dress with tiny multicoloured hearts and dots (small shop in Brazil), tricolour shoes (Zara), rings (small flower – Accessorize, big flower – from Brazil, white round  and love birds- H&M), bracelets (gold studs+leather New Look, others from Topshop), Nyx lipstick in Peach Bellini, MAC eyeshadow Vex and Deep Truth as liner.


Apple print blouse (Friday On My Mind), black pencil skirt (H&M), black Décolleté 100 pumps (Christian Louboutin), rings (love birds – H&M, apple – New Look, D in heart – Miss Selfridge, white rose – H&M, black and gold resin – Sobral), bracelets (pearls and bow – Primark, gold chain – Topshop), earring (love with pearl – Miss Selfridge, ear cuff – Topshop), MAC lipstick in Russian Red, MAC lipstick in Lady Danger, Collection 2000 Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner and MAC eyeshadow in Nylon.


Black and White striped sleeveless blouse (Primark), high-waisted black shorts (H&M), black studs slippers (Topshop), rings (zebra – New Look, love birds – H&M, believe – Disney Couture, other silver – a gift from a friend),  bracelets (spikes and bangle – New Look), Nyx lipstick in Peach Bellini.


Cornflour blue shift dress (Dorothy Perkins),  black belt with chain (Primark), black Décolleté 100 pumps (Christian Louboutin), rings (love birds – H&M, black and gold resin – Sobral, D in a heart – Miss Selfridge, pink flower – Accessorize, gold flower – shop in Brazil), bracelets (gold with bow – New Look, spike and chain – Topshop), MAC lipstick in Lady Danger.

And here a couple pictures of my outfits in action on Wednesday and Friday and the Cointreau goody bag!

What about you? Any outfits you put together lately that you loved and made you feel pretty?

The Shoe Fund 2011 invested

Christian Louboutin Décolletté Jazz 100The Shoe Fund has been mentioned by me in countless occasions, but now I am very excited to say that the time to convert an idea (and a number sitting in a bank account) into something that can actually go on my feet (and thus bring me happiness, satisfaction and prettiness) has finally come.

My first ever Shoe Fund purchase came in the shape of the beautiful and elegant Christian Louboutin Décolleté Jazz pumps, in black.  I am a massive fan of the red soles (damn you, beautiful shiny scarlet soles), so there would be nothing better to debut the fund.

I am fully aware they are black shoes, just like my previous Louboutin pair, but my line of thought was that I should start with the basics, build myself a solid classics collection and then branch out into the crazier ones – right?

They have manageable (I barely recognise myself, purchasing sensible heels) 100mm heels, delicate almond toes and not too shiny leather (not matte,  not patent:  it is nicely in between). A perennial classic in any wardrobe, these are shoes I will be wearing for a long time. As my Rolandos are so high and so shiny, I feel they are “special occasion” shoes. My plan is that these ones will get out more often – they were brought in to be my staple, ready to be dressed up or down.

Last year, I actually set off to get the Décolleté, but fell madly in love with the Rolandos – and left the last call to my boyfriend, who chose the latter.

Now that I got it I can assure no more black court shoes will be coming out of the Shoe Fund, which has just started again: the first deposit for 2012 has already been placed!

Countdown mode for the 2012 Shoe Fund on!

The Shoe Fund

Never too many shoes...

Last year, when I got lovely Louboutins for my birthday, an idea struck me: the shoe fund.

I am not earning bucket loads, and although I could make room to afford a spontaneous buy of a £500 pair of shoes, this could affect my budget in a way I wouldn’t like.

So I thought I would, every month on getting paid, put a very small amount of money (currently at £30) into my ISA savings account, so I could treat myself to fabulous shoes on my birthday – and  The Shoe Fund was born. At that rate, the amount over 12 months would buy me basic Jimmy Choo courts or I could add some money on top of it to go for something wilder.

This has been going very well, even though this year I won’t have a full 12 months savings ( I started it in March 2011, and supplemented with a refund and a mobile phone sale!) , I will be able to buy another great pair.

I just found out by Googling it, there is something similar from Independent Women, but their shoe fund is more a financial service directed to savings for any occasion – “build or raid a fund that is set aside for those days when a little retail therapy is the best remedy. Whether that is a holiday, home improvements, a new outfit or even just a lipstick or two is irrelevant “.

My shoe fund has made me happier and I cannot help but wonder how many women out there could benefit from this – and if luxury shoe makers could get on board, offering a small discount if the purchase from the money in the shoe fund was used to buy their shoes… Just a thought!