Shoe fund 2012 cashed in

Christian Louboutin red shoes - somanylovelythings shoe fundIt’s been more than two years now –  I finally stopped going on about it – but I could not be happier with my shoe fund – it gave me beautiful decolleté in 2011 and I wanted to share (better late than ever, I suppose) the fruits of the 2012 fund. I shall never look back.

Nude was on my mind. And throughout the whole year I was set on a classic pair of nude shoes. However , at the last minute I saw red. Literally, I just had this urge to buy red shoes.

Given the colour choice, I thought I’d go for another designer, and not cave into my usual Louboutin obsession, as red on red seemed a bit odd. Blahnik and Choo were head to head – or toe to toe, if you prefer a foot based comparison for this post’s illustration purposes.

But then I fell in love (and as you know, I go totally blind when I fall in love) and the shoe fund 2012 materialised in the shape of the lovely patent, pointy-toed and needle heeled Christian Louboutin Decolleté. Red on red never looked so good to me. I cannot even believe that for a moment I thought it wouldn’t work.

What a beauty – they have already been worn. Now, nude probably got bumped to next year. May be. Shoe fund 2013 is already growing….

Read more about the my shoe fund.

3 thoughts on “Shoe fund 2012 cashed in

    • Hi Carrie
      Sooo happy with purchase, have other red shoes – peeptoes and sandals – but really needed courts…
      And yeah, you are so right to feel overly glam when wearing yours – think red shoes have that effect on women 😉
      thanks for your comment and your visit! xxx


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