Nails of the week- purple with multicoloured foil

Yes, I have been totally MIA. I have the best excuse for it though; I was on holidays!!! Yay! Well, not so much yay as I am back. Boyfriend and I spend 11 amazing days in the US – New York, Chicago, northern Michigan, plus a quick dash over the border to Canada, to Toronto and Niagara Falls.

So I had to wisely choose holiday nails, which would look pretty on my holiday snaps and to last me a week until I had to change it for the wedding I attended. I knew I was going to wear red for the nuptials, as I was wearing the prettiest yellow dress, so decided to go purple before that.

I bought an unbelievably bargainous ColorClub set from TKMaxx, I mean, £7.99 for six polishes and a topcoat. Amazing. I bought the Alter Ego”Keep it under cover” set, with lovely berry shades.

I recently discovered the foils sheets; so ordered five varieties from eBay, plus glue; and I had been looking forward to using it, as the effects I saw were very pretty!

My choice was the ColorClub Secret Agent as a base and after it dried I applied the glue with irregular strokes, let it dry until I couldn’t see it anymore and pressed the foil sheet rainbow Swirl, a pretty silver base with blue, green, pink, lilac and yellow swirls, on to the nail. The colour transfered nicely, and it was pretty easy to do; I applied a bit more glue where I thought there were gaps or I hadn’t applied enough first time around and repeated the process. I then applied a topcoat.

The result was fantastic. I was delighted with it. Pretty, very pretty and quite different.


Now, the durability wasn’t the best. Whereas the polish was great, after a few days the foils started to rub off, especially on my index finger… bits of it were coming off, and even though it wasn’t a massive problem, as the base colour was still going strong, it lost a bit of its appeal.

Still, I am certainly going to do it again (actually, I have already, as I had a plain red manicure for the wedding, and removed it a couple days ago to replace with a new foil effect one!).


for the prettiness

5 thoughts on “Nails of the week- purple with multicoloured foil

    • I *love* the effect, but it doesn’t last much; I have another colour on at the moment, done on Saturday, and I have already noticed some rubbing off :(. Still, super pretty! Next time I’ll avoid closeness to tips… 🙂


      • It is very very pretty, totally recommend trying despite the short life spam… I couldn’t stop staring at it! The rubbing is very annoying, as it loses its charm… and I even swapped topcoats; using Seche Vite at the moment, and not even that is stopping the rubbing grrrrrrrr
        I saw one where she used many different foil colors; I want to try covering half of my nail on it… not sure how it fares for full coverage, read it is quite difficult…
        I got it on eBay, a place that did 5 foils (1.5 each roll) plus a small bottle of glue for about £12, but I suppose if you are not too impatient as me and buy from a China based vendor, it is much cheaper!!!


      • haha! I agree sometimes it worth the price for the China based vendors but I am like a month later WHERE IS MY STUFF!! Thank you I will certainly look into this, it looks awesome! and I am probably not much more patient, we shall see haha


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