Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2012 – London

Yesterday I went to a few places taking part in Vogue’s Fashion Night Out and I had an amazing time.

Last year, I was a bit disappointed, a couple places I wanted to go were invitation only (and didn’t mention it on the guide – cheeky!) so I was a bit disheartened. I sent Christian Louboutin’s boutique an email but it was too late – they said they will add me for next year (I think it is fair I get invited, after all, my Louboutins were purchased at that boutique!)

So, I tackled it a bit differently this year – I checked the guide a few days ago and chose places which were offering things that might interest me. Cocktails, of course was one of them.

I made a list and tackled it by proximity to the office. River Island started at 5, earlier than most places, so I headed over for a glass of pink fizz, had eyelashes applied and bought a skirt, which earnt me a goody back with a pair of lashes, a sample size St. Tropez Every Day moisturiser (which I love), a set of three cute stud earrings, popcorn and a drink. Nice, eh?

I then moved on to House of Fraser, which had lots on offer. I entered their new beauty hall and was offered a back massage by Decléor. I then waltzed towards their Mahiki bar and got myself a cocktail in coconut. I hoped on their photo booth and had 4 nice shots to take away (twice!). Then I had my eyes and lipstick applied at the Dior stand, with bubbles on offer…. Downstairs, at their shoe lounge, there was plenty of bubbly on offer and also martinis and other cocktails made to order, and a “Shoe Box” photo booth, which I also took advantage of, amongst other activities!

I swiftly moved to Liberty, but before reaching it, I walked past H&M and they had live models on their windows. The bigger window was a photo set; I was given a number, props and posed for three shots, which will be on their Facebook page and four winners of £250 voucher will be chosen. Nice!

At Liberty, I went straight to Manolo Blahnik’s Victorian photo booth, with the cutest props ever – and got picture with a lovely pair of silver stilettos! By uploading that to Facebook or tweeting it could get you a signed book.

I then managed to run to Burlington Arcade, which had a Victorian fun fair theme… think popcorn and candy floss, performers, burlesque girls…all very pretty; but I went straight for Lulu Guinness shop, to take part on their promotion by being picture with one of their bags a tweeting it. I chose the red lips, of course!!!

Overall, I had a lot of fun. So a few things for my next year’s FNO: plan ahead, list the places I want to see but be sure and not disappointed I will not to actually make it to half of them; don’t just look for goody bags, as they usually only come your way when you make a purchase and remember to email Louboutin earlier!!!!

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Have you been to FNO this year? How was it for you?

Let me know what you think:

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