Nails of the week – glitter sprinkles

After re-doing my nails twice in a week, all I wanted was something to last seven days.

During one of my regular walks though House of Fraser in Oxford St (I work really close, and sometimes go home via the shop – it is almost therapeutic, but can be very dangerous) I walked past the Nails Inc. counter and fell in love with one of their polishes from the Sprinkles range.  They have four shades, and I bought Sweets Way, a pinkish white base with silver, pink and blue glitter.

Application was smooth. Two coats will give you good coverage, but I went for three. The texture is not too rough and durability was really good. There was a small amount of chipping (just glitter coming off) from day five,  but I blame that on myself, as I forgot to use a topcoat.

A really cute shade. Extremely delicate and seriously reminded me of sweets sprinkles!


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