Still alive

Right.. so it has been 10 days since I posted. I am alive. Barely. The last month was really maniac for me: work has been quite busy, I moved homes, been away for a few days and submitted an essay for the second module of my post grad course. I feel exhausted, but glad it’s kinda over.

I just wanted to apologise for being totally MIA and to say I am coming back to the normal blogging rate soon. Hopefully when I am in Brazil too (yeah, going soon – sun, here I come!)

Also, feeling a bit down about my nails. All the manual work of packing and box/furniture shifting has taken its toll on my talons. One horrendous breakage, 3 bad ones, a few splits. not happy. They are now ridiculously shorter and I was so busy I went a week without a manicure. May the nail gods forgive me. All averted now, and my tiny nails are at least manicured. Will be posting soon.

Have so many posts in the back burner, can’t wait to get them all out! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Still alive

  1. Been moving as well as I took some time off as well. My nails are now short little things, I cried when they snapped so I’m on OPI’s Nail Envy to try and get them to grow. Hope everythings OK xx


    • I am just exhausted… but slowly getting back to normal. That sucks big time, I cried too. It’s odd looking at them so short 😦
      Good luck! Hope you are well (minus nail trauma!)


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