Nails of the week: red and black

Red and black nailsIt is no secret that I LOVE red and black, so I decided to, yet again, use that on my nails.

I used two coats of the red OPI The spy who loved me, reviewed here in the past, and two coats of Brazilian brand Risqué’s Viúva Negra (black widow), a lovely black jelly base with fine red glitter and went for a chevron design, alternating the colour on my ring finger to create an accent nail.

Application was great for the OPI and ok for the Risqué one – it is quite sheer, so it was hard to make the chevrons in one coat, had to use two, which made them a little blobby. I used normal sticky tape for the chevrons, like last time, with black and gold. Durability was good, 6 days, and then a chip.

Overall, I was pleased with the mani; it was slightly untidy, the chevrons could’ve been sharper – and so could my pictures – apologies, as the last month was crazy and I forgot to photograph properly!



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