The white shoes

This season I was caught in a massive fashion dilemma – white stiletto shoes: yay or nay? White is one of my favourite colours. I know they are bravely back in. They are a great alternative to black shoes when rocking monochrome looks, they are great with pastels. But deep inside I have that feeling about it being an icon of everything bad with 80’s fashion. Plus, to me, it does have that fallen 80’s popstar vibe.

Depending on the material, they can look very tacky (God knows what I’ve seen being sold). The expression on my boyfriend’s face when I told him I had bought white shoes just became funnier after I answered yes to his question “but they are not stilettos, right?”.

I do remember, in the late 90’s/early 00’s, wearing white leather booties (which were really cute, with a metal heel and a Swarovsky crystal in it… erm, maybe not that cute) and every summer I wear white (usually cork) wedges. But a stiletto? Am I really going back to this fashion I was lucky to be young enough to escape? Well, the answer is definitely yes.

After falling in love with a KG number and deciding against them as they were made in China (Chinese shoes really, really hurt my feet. It is a deep pain bordering on desperation. I don’t know what the problem is, maybe it’s because I have slightly wider feet, I stopped buying them as they often don’t see more than one wear, or two, if I am feeling masochistic), I kept battling with myself for another while, and finally caved in about a month ago when I found these lovely River Island ones.20130314-140645.jpg

They don’t shine. The have that snake skin detail (white, nevertheless) that detracts a bit from the whiteness of it. And they are slightly off white, so they don’t “glow” in your feet (or at least I keep telling myself that). AND they are made in Brazil. I am supporting my country’s export industry. Right?

All excuses aside, I really like them. It is a lovely shape, pointy, love the heel line and they are made of leather, meaning they will be more comfy after a few wears.

So that’s it. I confessed. This is my spring/summer 2013 guilty pleasure and I am loving it. Don’t care if you think I am an 80’s throwback, after all, it was acceptable in the 80’s (but seriously, what wasn’t?).

What about you? Likely to sport white stilettos soon or won’t be seen dead in them?

2 thoughts on “The white shoes

  1. I saw these in River Island a couple of weeks back and I LOVE them! If only I had a few spare quid they would be mine lol. Definitely not tacky and definitely not 80s/90s style. The snake print gives them an edgey look and I imagine they’d look amazing with some skinnies 😀


    • Hey Danielle

      Totally agree with everything you said! Skinnies come to mind, bought lovely patterned ones! Pencil skirts too! I am glad I bought them! I also saw they have them in light cornflower blue….oooooh aaaaah!

      Thanks for your visit and comment! x


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