Nails of the week: blue matte glitter

nails_opi_liquid_sand2You probably guessed, I am talking about OPI’s liquid sand. I got myself a set of minis to try them all!

The first one was the lovely blue “Get your number”. It is a lovely indigo blue glitter with some holographic glitter in it, so really laden with sparkle.

It applied ok, I missed the wide brush from the full size version… the little one is mega fiddle and the opening of the bottle tiny!!! It really needed three coats and I am not sure if this is because of the matte formula, but it took a long time to dry and it was a bit gloopy. It also took a while to go matte, which is not a problem – it kinda developed in my hands!

Durability was ok, as it is quite rough and it won’t take a topcoat, towards the 6th day it started to chip at the edge, more like glitter flakes coming off and leaving gaps.

Now… I quite like it. It is different. The texture gets to me a little bit. It is rough. Also, it is such a sparkling polish, amazing colours, holographic bits, but it all gets a muted somehow when it goes matte. I say glitter should ALWAYS sparkle, and although there was plenty of pretty shiny flecks,  that was lacking a little bit.

nails with opi liquid sand - somanylovelythings

Apologies for the rubbish pics, it was another week I was too busy and took just a few quick snaps!



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