My top beauty tips

Illustration - woman applying lipstickRegardless of being a woman obsessed with beauty and is always trying new things, or just sticking to everyday basics, we all have our tricks and tips to make things work for us.

I decided to share some of mine; they are simple tips; some I use all the time, others very rarely, and they are a mix of information I picked up from make up artists or found out myself through experimentation, online and other blogs.

  • When applying concealer/ highlighter under the eyes , also apply to inside socket, close to the inner corners of the eyes, on the sides of the nose bridge – it makes a big difference!
  • Extend you eyebrows length to match and imaginary line from the outer corner of your eyes. Also, fill eyebrows with a matte eyeshadow closer to its colour, brush the hairs upwards and apply good highlighter on brow bone – this will give you supermodel brows.
  • Stay clear from dry, flaky lips by using a toothbrush and Vaseline to gently scrub your lips. I recently discovered Lush’s lip scrub which is also great!
  • I don’t deliberately apply to my face, but when I do apply on my hair, I notice a little bit of hairspray will ultra fix make up. Urban Decay’s All Nighter make up fixing spray gives you a very similar effect and is skin friendly, for more frequent use.
  • I always apply fake tan spray mixed with moisturiser; the colour looks more natural and it won’t streak!
  • After painting my nails, I rub manicure sticks with cotton wool on the tip, dipped in nail polish remover, on the edge of my nail. This creates an imperceptible line with no polish, minimising the varnish impact on surfaces, thus making it last longer and chip less.
  • Ballerina buns are a saviour for bad hair days.
  • Dry shampoo – another saviour; especially when you have fine hair like mine, which I feel the need to wash everyday!
  • When wearing dark lipstick, I like to apply some face powder on the outer line of my lips, it gives them amazing definition, really making them pop!
  • Sometimes I mix my foundation with moisturiser for a lighter coverage.
  • Lacy thongs are great for tight dresses. Their lace band is stretchy and it doesn’t cut through skin, leaving no marks or even worse, muffin tops!
  • Use a cotton bud dipped in eye make up remover for super defined corners on smokey eyes. Just rub it across from the outer corner of the eye towards your temples on a 45 degree angle to clean up the excess and create a super defined line.

What about you? Any tips or ritual you swear by? Why not share here?


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