Nails of the week – colour shifting glitter flakes

glitter flakes nails - somanylovelythingsYet another glitter flakie, from Sephora this time. I keep buying them and they are ever so similar, but I cannot help it!!!

This is called Purple Jewel and I do regret not having applied over purple, to see how it would come out.

I applied over black and this polish is laden with flakes, really saturated. With two coats, I barely had any space without flakes on my nails.

The colour shifting is amazing, from green to yellow, orange and fiery red. Really pretty.

It is however, very similar to flakies I posted before, namely Ana Hickmann Glow and Specialittá Hits Cha Cha Cha, which cost me a fraction of the €5,90 of this one.

Still, I really like it, as I mentioned before, it is way more saturated in flakes that the two mentioned above and I think three coats would probably cover the whole nail, creating an almost metal effect. Maybe next time….

Durability was good, but it shrunk an awful lot when I applied the topcoat!



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