What I’ve been wearing – 05 June 2013

It looks like the weather is starting to maybe want to get slightly better. Yeah, I just put that out there with all the caution in the world…

Here is another selection of outfits from someone who is dying to go full on summer!!!

Outfit #1

outfit 1

Black and white flower crop top from Primark, black trousers from H&M, white court shoes from River Island, necklace from New Look. Lipstick is MAC Lady Danger.

Outfit #2

outfit 2

Black dress from H&M, red court shoes from New Look, rings from Primark and New Look, necklace from H&M. Lippy is MAC Russian Red.

Outfit #3

outfit 3

Black and white midi dress from Motel Rocks, jade green round toe court shoes from Topshop, bracelets from New Look and Topshop, rings from H&M, necklaces from Topshop.

Outfit #4

outfit 5

Grey dress from H&M, black, white and gold court shoes from Zara, rings from New Looks, H&M and Sobral. Lipstick is Cosmetics a la Carte Vintage.

Outfit #5

outfit 4

Black and white maxi skirt from H&M, black crop top from Topshop, white block heel sandals from Topshop, rings from H&M and New Look, necklace and bracelets from New Look. Lippy is Vintage, again!

So what do you think? I can definitely see my wardrobe slowly (VERY slowly) morphing into a summer one. Almost….

8 thoughts on “What I’ve been wearing – 05 June 2013

    • Hey Carrie
      Nice to see you around here! πŸ™‚
      Thanks a lot – I do have a “small” issue with footwear… have so many shoes!!!!
      Really enjoyed your blog – lovely outfits there too! xxx


  1. Gorgeous clothes, and I love those sexy white court shoes as well. I could never understand why white courts get such a hard time, worn with stylish pants or a wrap dress they always look amazing.


    • Hi Diana
      Thank you so much for your comment and visit. I totally agree with you – they get such a bad press! I am glad they came back “in fashion” and you could get them in the shops. And you are so right – worn correctly, they can look great πŸ˜€
      Dani x


  2. My favourite look of all is to braid my hair, (I’m naturally jet black with a shoulder length barnet), keep my make up to mild cheek blush, glossy red lipstick and glossy red nails. And for clothes I go for a white or red poloneck top, a short and tight just above the waist black leather heavy metal jacket, a nice sexy perfect fit navy blue pinstripe just below the knee pencil skirt I got in Marks and Sparks at Christmas (no goofy belt loops or any dorky looking bum pockets or pocket flaps on it, just nice and smooth on the bum and waste the way a skirt should be – I HATE belt loops and ass pockets, or pockets ANYWHERE for that matter, on skirts!), sheer tights and my black patent court shoes I got in Zerep while I was working in Dublin last year, with long pointy toes and 4 and 1/4 inch stiletto heels (I’m 5ft 5 inches so that still keeps me under 6ft, hehe)

    I remember Kirsty Gallacher dressed pretty much the exact same way (her black patent pointy toe high heel courts were breathtakingly sexy) when she did presentations at my school sports day in Bucks just before our GCSEs in 2007 which is where I got the inspiration from, so at least I can say SOMETHING good came from Sky TV πŸ˜‰

    Diana x


    • Hi Diana
      Like your style – keep it simple but sexy!
      And yeah, I am with you with the loops and pockets on skirts, especially pencil skirts! It is funny (and great!) how some things stick to us and serve as inspiration base for all our lives!
      Dani xxx


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