Product review: Bahoma London Vanilla Black scented candle

As I mentioned a few times, I really believe beauty is also influenced by everything around you, and is partly a state of mind – nothing better than to feel beautiful! And I really like when my house smells good – I think most of us do; it makes me feel as if I am surrounded by beautiful things. Now that I have finally organised our new(ish) home,  I love just to sit around and enjoy the place.

Bahoma Vanilla Black scented candle

And I’ve been, for the first time in my life, burning scented candles. Bahoma London has a line full of home and body products, with fragrances designed by their perfumier Malgorzata Strug-Gozowska in their London studio, where they are also manufactured. There are candles and fragrance diffusers (for the home and garden) to treat your senses and fragrances, lotions, scrubs and shower gels to treat your body.

I got some Vanilla-themed items (as it is my favourite fragrance!) and the very first thing I used was the Vanilla Black scented candle. This baby has a great vanilla scent that is not sickly sweet – of course it has some sweetness, but the amber core in the fragrance makes it ; and after only 30 minutes burning, it leaves a lovely subtle scent in the ambient that lasted very well. It is so lovely to walk in or move around in the room and catch a whiff of this candle! I am very happy with it!

Their recommended burn time is 3 hours for a medium sized room and the candle lasts for an amazing 75 hours. They have a great range of exclusively designed fragrances for their scented candles.

The packaging, a round glass jar, is neutral and unobtrusive enough for any room in the house.

Bahoma Vanilla Black scented candle

For more info on candles or other products, visit the Bahoma website.

This post contains PR samples. This review , however, is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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