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New Simple products – pretty and good to the skin!

I was delighted do be invited to attend the Simple skincare blogger event which took place at Kettner’s in central London.

Basically, the evening was divided in pretty much what the Simple Sense skincare routine online tool is about; looking after your skin as a whole, including your body, inside and out,  through three points: skincare (the right products, routine, application), exercise and nutrition.

Upon arrival we were faced with a tough choice of amazing skin loving mocktails, prepared by Fiona Hunter, the Simple nutritionist. I went for a deliciously tropical mango combination and loved it.  Fiona also was at hand to create personalised smoothies (I ended up with a fantastic apple, avocado and melon mix) and give advice on particular nutritional concerns. Invaluable information!

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I was introduced to the amazing new products from the Simple Kind to Skin+ range. We all know Simple has skin loving ingredients, the products are formulated for sensitive skin and they unbeatable value for money; you can rest assured the new additions don’t deviate from that.

Here’s what Simple has for you:

  • Simple Kind to Skin+Perfecting BB cream – their first ever beauty balm; it is one colour suits all and blends really well on a various skin tones, as tried by the bloggers present. RRP £8.99
  • Simple Kind to Skin+ Illuminating Radiance cream – with light reflecting minerals to capture light; brightening. RRP £8.99
  • Simple Kind to Skin+ Protecting moisturiser with SPF30 protects against UVA and UVB rays and contains sweet almond oil. RRP £6.99
  • Simple Kind to Skin+ Sun-Kissed moisturiser – for the face, gradually builds up a tan and contains vitamins E and B5. I have been using the Simple Sun-Kissed moisturiser  (read the review), and love it. This has been slightly reformulated for the line re-launch, I am told. And if it is great now, I have no doubt this will be even better! RRP £4.99
  • Simple Kind to Skin+ Radiance brightening wipes and Simple Kind to Skin+ brightening eye make-up remover pads – RRP £3.99 and £2.99 respectively.
  • Simple Kind to Skin+ moisture boost hydro mist – helps refresh and hydrate the skin throughout the day. RRP £5.99

The creams are all very light on the skin! The radiance cream delivers a very glowy effect, and is great under make up to illuminate the complexion and boy, I love a mist. My favourite, however, has to be a fantastic Protecting moisturiser with SPF 30, and I’ll say it again – with RRP of £6.99. Yes, you read right. Under £7!!! Amazing.

If all that wasn’t enough, Caroline Frazer, a make-up artist and Simple’s skin expert and brand ambassador, was at hand really drilling down on the correct four step skin routine (cleanse, tone/polish, treat and protect!) giving out personalised tips and showcasing the products.

The tough but girly personal trainer Anna Reich, who is Simple’s fitness expert (and also lovely and super funny!) was there to offer great fitness advice, as well as introduce me to face yoga – and even demonstrating some exercises to tackle most common face problem areas, dubbed as the “biceps curls for you face!”.

The principle does make sense – if you look after the muscles on your face, just like your body, they will tone and perk and this will also help delay the dreaded effects of time! I have a cheek video of Anna showing how to do one of the 18 exercises in the face yoga programme.

Top it all off with great canapés (oh-so-tasty pink macaroon with creamy goats cheese – who would’ve said, trust me, it is lush!), lovely people (other bloggers, PR and the Simple guys) and a superb goodie-bag (which will fuel the blog for quite some time!) and you have a not only a fun, fantastic evening but also a very informative one.

Cannot wait to start telling you about the products! Trial has already started!!!

Don’t forget you can create your own tailored routine at the Simple Sense online tool and the new products are hitting the shelves of retailers nationwide in September, when you can get all the info on them on the Simple website.

Let me know what you think:

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