Current shoe affair – Schutz fringe sandals

schutz fringe sandals - somanylovelythingsYou might judge me for my shoe promiscuity, but I have no shame. I have a new affair, and I am not hiding it. You can love different shoes in different ways. I am not a one-shoe kind of woman, one is not enough and I am very proud of it.

Excuses aside, I am always falling in love with shoes, and here is the flavour of the month: these amazing black suede barely there high heels sandals with a fringe cuff around the ankle. The uber sexy fringes sweep around your ankles when you walk – or dance. Just HOT!!! And for this reason alone they have been elected my Ibiza sandals, for when I am strutting my stuff around the white island in a few weeks. Plus, they are comfy!!!

schutz fringe sandals - somanylovelythings

They are from Schutz, one of my long time favourites shoe brands in Brazil; this one is called sandália folk franjas preta, from their Folkloric collection. And they were a gift. Yes, a gift from a lovely friend who brought them all the way from home. You know when it is love when people give you shoes, right? Thank you Lu <3.

How long will this affair last? I suspect that in this case, what happens in Ibiza, does not just stay in Ibiza!

See you for the next pair! x

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