On trial: Budget make-up brush cleaning glove

budget make-up brush cleaning glove - somanylovelythingsProcrastination is a word directly related to brush wash in my books. No, I don’t like dirty brushes, on the contrary, I feel really disgusted and want to wash them all the time. Plus, a clean brush applies make-up way much better than a manky one. And there is the question of hygiene and harbouring bacteria… eeeew, don’t wanna get into that.

So I decided to look for ways of making my job quicker and came across brush cleaning mitts. The best known is probably the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove but at US$35, I find it is quite pricey for what it is.

And that’s another reason I love reading other blogs: came across an “alternative”, posted by Make-up Savvy – a cheap and cheerful silicone oven glove from eBay which does the job just as well.

budget make-up brush cleaning glove - somanylovelythings

The foundation brush is the worst offender, permeated with stick liquid in a faded skin colour and cleaning that wasn’t as painful, at a fraction of the time. The glove has texture which helps clean the bristles and the smaller ones towards the wrist are alright for smaller brushes, like eyes.

The bumps did a much better job than my fingers or a plate to get rid of make-up from the brushes – and my hands didn’t get wet! Win all around!

I am not gonna lie and say it made me LOVE cleaning my brushes, but the fact it made it faster is encouraging.

budget make-up brush cleaning glove - somanylovelythings

Oh, yeah, and it cost me under £3,50 with delivery from eBay (which arrived very quickly!!!). Thumbs (in glove) up!

Let me know what you think:

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