Nails of the week: Red hearts

girlznailz random hearts wraps - somanylovelythingsI ❀ hearts. Sorry, I couldn’t resist! The fact is I do, so when I got the heart nail wraps from Girlz Nailz I knew I was going to fall in love.

These wraps have a lovely red metallic hearts in different sizes on a white background – love the white background, btw! I used the wraps to create two accent nails in each hand – on my thumb and my ring finger.

I found that their sizing didn’t quite match all my nails, but I could’ve easily cut them slightly to fit, as there are plenty of wraps in each packet. I have mentioned this to the company and they said they will look into the sizing, which is brilliant.

As on my previous use, these wraps applied really well, I heated them up a bit with the hair dryer and carefully applied them to clean, buffed nails. I achieved a crease free finish in a few minutes.

girlznailz random hearts wraps - somanylovelythings

This time, durability was even better, 4 days looking good and on the 5th day ragged edges started to bother me – still great going for wraps – so I removed them by peeling the raggedy edges and pulling with tweezers, then using nail polish remover to take off the little bit

The other nails were painted with the gorgeous Kiko Sun Pearl nail lacquer in Chilli Pepper red – this colour is lovely, with some amazing golden hints all over, just lush! Sadly it is a limited edition and not available on the site anymore, I picked it up from a bargain bucket in the shop!

Overall, a lovely mani. These wraps are great!

You can get the Random Hearts nail wraps and browse other cute and fierce designs at the GirlzNailz website.



This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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