Nails of the week: vintage inspired nude and red heart tips

vintage inspired nails - somanylovelythings

For a very long time I wanted to try this lovely manicure. But I ALWAYS had square shaped nails, since I can remember. And this “heart” tips don’t really look good on a square nail, after all, no hearts have a square bottom, right?

Not sure why but I woke up one morning really feeling like changing the shape of my nails and I took the plunge and filed them on to this oval-pointy shape. Have to admit the first 24 hours were quite odd, and I still feel they are more fragile than before….

I used the beautiful (probably one of the prettiest nudes ever) L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Macaron Noisette nude as a base and after two coats used Spicy Orange, a very orangey red (or reddish orange?!) to create the effect.

vintage inspired nails - somanylovelythingsI did a bit of practicing the days before on naked nails and found the easiest way for me. First, with a nail art brush, I marked with a small line the middle of each nail on the tip and then using the polish brush itself, touched the end of the brush away from the centre on both sides of the tip, as if drawing a V with sticks, creating the shape. It does help that the L’Oréal brush is rounded at the end, so perfect for this design – it really cut out my work and It was actually much easier than I thought.

I am thrilled with the final result, love it and the shape is actually growing on me, although I feel sometimes I have claws!



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