Product review: Simple Kind to Skin+ Perfecting Beauty Balm (BB cream)

simple bb cream - somanylovelythings

Love the Kind to Skin+ package designs!

I must say, before anything, I am not a fan of BB creams. For someone like me, who looks for a full coverage, BB creams just don’t quite cut it.

I was, however, pleasantly surprised with Simple’s very first BBC cream, part of their Kind to Skin+ range.

What I really like about it is that, even though they only have one colour, it did blend extremely well on my face. And over at the event, there were a few bloggers, with different skin tones and they all seem to share this opinion. Also, the coverage is very good. One day, I even wore it on its on (with a bit of powder to set) and it was fine!

It blends very well, absorbs quickly and the finish is very sheer and natural; in terms of colour and coverage is great!

I also tried it as a primer. This worked alright, it didn’t actually make the make-up last longer (which is not really this product’s job, but hey, gotta try!), but made it look good.

simple bb cream - somanylovelythings

Well pigmented, very good coverage

The thing I don’t like about this is that it has light reflecting particles. Although I am a massive fan of the glow they give, because of my skin condition, any shimmer will only make scars more evident, so I have been using matte products only for a very long time now.

For this reason alone,  I don’t think this product is particularly suitable for me. Had the particles not been there, I think Simple could probably have made me change my mind about BB creams. Now, that is something!

As other Simple products, it is suitable for sensitive skin; it has no fragrance (love that – again!), SPF 15, ginger root extract, bisabolol, sweet almond and sunflower seed oils.

If you have much better skin than me (which most people do anyway), I think this is a little gem – and for an RRP of £8.99, you should definitely try (currently at Superdrug for £5.99!!!). It is an item of make-up that also cares for your skin and will give you that nice glow!

simple bb cream - somanylovelythings

This is the kind of lovely glow this product gives your skin!

You can find more information on the Simple website.

This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.

4 thoughts on “Product review: Simple Kind to Skin+ Perfecting Beauty Balm (BB cream)

  1. I brought the Simple BB cream as I have sensitive skin and have used and am very happy with most of their products. However the BB cream is awful, it has a strange oily texture and made my skin feel oily and heavy. It also has a strange yellowy tint, and made me look ill.
    I wouldn’t recommend this product for anyone who has a rose/pinky skin tone.


    • Hi Claire
      Yes, I have yellow undertones on my skin, so colour wise it was fine. I find that a BB cream are very personal – as well as other skin products – it does sit differently on different skins. This was the first BB cream I thought was ok for me – even though I don’t use them as the coverage is far from what I need!
      I hope you find something that suits your skin!
      Thanks for you comment and for dropping by!
      Dani x


  2. I am a 68 year od woman with fair skin, some freckles and occasional Rosea. I bought the BB yesterday and applied it for the first time this morning. At first I wasn’t impressed as the colour of the BB looked orange and it seemed to highlight pores around my nose. However, after I had finished my make-up routine and on gazing at the overall effect, I was astounded to see that the colour had toned down, the pores “weren’t there” anymore, and the overall shade was warm and actually blended with the natural skin tone of my long neck. Perhaps the sparkles contributed! Also, there were no visible wrinkles! It’s magical!

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