Product review: Salon System Nail Lux Erase Cuticle Remover

salonsystem mail lux erase cuticle remover

I do my  own manicures. Since moving to London, it has been a weekly ritual. This week, for the first time, I cnahged a little bit my routine and used the Salon System Nail Lux Erase Cuticle Remover.

I usually use some normal moisturiser around the cuticles, soak the nails in a bowl or put a small bit of cotton wool on each nail, wet it and leave for a few minutes, before pushing the cuticles and cutting them.

This cream contains AHA’s to gently soften and erase unwanted cuticles from the nail plate, is thick in consistency and has a very light lemony smell. It makes the cuticle grooming process a little shorter. I added to all nails, left it for about three minutes and started pushing. The cuticle came off well, with little need to scrape. The nails felt very oily and moisturised afterwards, which is very nice. I washed my hands, as recommended, before continuing with my manicure.

salonsystem mail lux erase cuticle remover

Overall, a good product; saved me a bit of time and seems to hydrate my nails, cuticles and skin around it – it’s being incorporated into my weekly routine!

You can get this cream and many other products online from various stockists listed on the Salon System website.

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