LashPerfect press evening and launch of Brow Perfect

lashperfect lashbar

Brows and champagne said the invitation. Although I must confess this line alone is enough to get me almost anywhere, it wasn’t the only reason I was very excited to attend a press evening at LashBar, the LashPerfect flagship store and salon in central London. I knew there was much more to know about them, as I was first introduced to the brand at Olympia Beauty and have fallen in love with their Hi Brow eyebrow powder (reviewed here).

Lash bar

Image courtesy of LashBar

The lash and eyebrow haven salon is absolutely lovely with the treatment areas downstairs. Apart from catering for clients, the space also serves as training centre – LashPerfect professional eyelash extensions are available in 6000 salons nationwide and also present in more than 20 countries – very impressive and a great indicator of the quality of their products and services.

At LashBar, they offer a huge variety of eye treatments – of course, professional lash extensions, false lashes application, anti-ageing treatments, perms and tints.

However, the night was all about brows. Demonstrations of their Hi Brow by La La Professional Treatment – Eyebrows by Design (£35.00), which include a combination of techniques to tidy, shape and tint and left the ladies with a natural lift and better definition, as well as filling and shaping. All services in the full eyebrow treatment are also available separately (waxing, threading, tinting, tidying).

And if all this wasn’t enough, we were treated to the unveiling of a brand new service: their Brow Perfect – super natural eyebrow extensions. Perfect for filling in gaps, the extension last up to 7 days and are made of synthetic hair. Having said that, they just look extremely natural!

lashperfect lashbar

Left brows with no extensions – note the difference, especially in the middle!!!

As well as the professional range, LashPerfct also has a line of consumer products which include my fave Hi Brow, wax pencil, strip lashes, eye make-up remover , growth and conditioning lash and brow serum, 24 hour liner, amongst many others. They can be bought in the shop or online, as well as in salons around the country.

And yeah, the champagne part was also true – accompanied by amazing canapes!

The LashBar is located at 35 Marshall Street, London W1F 7EX (just behind Carnaby Street). All info on treatments and prices can be found on the LashBar website and you can book an appointment by calling 020 7434 4554. Also follow them on Twitter @LashBar, @LashPerfect, @Hi_Brow and @BrowPerfect_ for news and promotions! More info on LashPerfect can be found on their website. No excuses for unruly brows of lashes now, ladies!

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