Product review: Proactiv oil-free moisturiser

Proactive oil-free moisturiser

Proactiv is a name most people will be familiar about when it comes to acneic skin care.

I am trying the Proactiv Oil-Free moisturiser, which is very welcome on my breakout prone skin.

Many a time I talked about my acne and scars, how difficult my skin is and how some products just don’t agree with it. I am happy to say this moisturiser is very light – you don’t really notice it’s been applied as it is quickly absorbed, delivering a good amount of moisturisation.

It is fragrance and oil free and non-comedogenic, absorbing excess oil to help skin look good. The fact it has SPF 15 and  sits very well under makeup (primers, foundation, the whole lot!) makes it a very good day moisturiser for oily/acne prone skins.

We should always emphasise how important it is to moisturise even excessively oily skins. Contrary to what many think, oiliness doesn’t mean hydration, so it is necessary to use a moisturiser that doesn’t contain oil but still nourishes the skin, especially if you are using harsh products to treat acne.

My skin received it well, it was very gentle on it, gets absorbed very quickly and there is no residue. I am now using it, alternating with other favourites, in my morning routine.

You can get the Proactiv Oil-Free moisturiser , as well as other Proactiv products, from the Proactiv website, and it costs £15.95.

This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.

2 thoughts on “Product review: Proactiv oil-free moisturiser

  1. Very interesting you are using a moisturizer for acne as many doctors will tell people not to do so. My doctor actually told me not to do so myself years back. I am guessing that it is necessary for some people who take strong acne medications though as their skin can get very dry at times.


    • Hi there
      That is really weird that your doctor said that. It is true you shouldn’t use any moisturiser (and in fact most are too rich for me), but oiliness and moisture are very different things – I actually have quite dry and sensitive acne skin and cannot go without moisturising.
      I have suffered from acne for about 20 years now and I was always told to cleanse and moisturise – with light textured, oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturisers, throughout, especially when using harsher treatments.
      Hope you are acne free now!
      Thanks for your comment and for visiting the blog!
      Dani x


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