Express nail art at Superdrug with Fingernails 2 Go


Superdrug has become the first UK retailer to launch a nail printing service. The Fingernails 2 Go digital nail art kiosk allows us to quickly print anything (really, anything) on our talons.

Designs can be uploaded from photos or chosen from their library of more than 1,000 – possibilities are endless. They can be printed on natural nails, with or without nail polish and also on acrylics or gels. For only £1.50, you can have one nail decorated. A full set of 10 fingernails, £10 and a set of acrylics (12), £12.50.

The machine sizes up the design to fit the nail, prints it and coats it with UV polish, which dries in the machine!

At the moment, the service is available at the Milton Keynes and Queens West Cardiff branches – I would certainly try if it came round near me!

2 thoughts on “Express nail art at Superdrug with Fingernails 2 Go

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