Nails of the week: black and white with cherry sticker

nail stickers - somanylovelythingsSo I decided to throw myself back to the 90’s and sported white nails for a few days. As I cannot bear my nails that simple I added a black tip to funk it up.

Then, my aunt’s and grandmother’ s manicurist came along (she also does my other aunt’s and cousin’s nails!)…. bringing something that was completely new to me.

Rosângela had, in her big box of nail tricks, lots of nail stickers with the most varied designs. Of course I’d seen and used nail stickers before, but these are different: they are painted with nail polish on a clear nail polish base, so she just pops them in on top of your chosen colour, puts on a topcoat and voilá!

All designs are all done free-hand by a friend of hers, one by one, and she tells me that a set of 10 takes about half an hour to paint.

This is great as enables people to have real arty nail designs on their own nails immediately! And she doesn’t charge extra – designs are included on the price of the mani.


Rosângela is a mobile manicurist and goes to clients’ home, so time is of essence – these stickers give her the chance to offer her clients lovely nail art that is not time consuming, for both of them. Genius, if you ask me! On top of that, her manicure, pedicure and paint jobs are fantastic – stickers aside, her French mani is lovely!

So I picked a cherry design to add to my black and white mani. The “sticker” durability is amazing, waaaay better than plastic ones – they don’t peel.








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