Review: Essie Quick-e Fast Dry Nail Drops

essie quick-e drying nail drops

Watching (nail) paint dry is painful. And dangerous (as I am prone to “accidents”), so Essie’s Quick-e Fast Dry Nail Drops were a very welcome addition to my manicure bag.

Essie is a nail brand I really like and this clear product is no different. It is between oil and liquid, and it seems to do the trick, helping nail polish dry in 60 seconds, by sealing the varnish. It also feels quite nice, like an oil on nails and cuticle and enhances shine.  The pipette delivers small drops, and I feel one per nail is enough.

essie quick-e drying nail drops

The only minus for me, to be honest, is the price, ranging from £8.99 (Boots) to £15.95 (Selfridges/Liberty) a bottle, it is a bit steep, even though it does last forever. Highly recommend it, if it is in your price range. Personally, for £8.99 it is just about worth it.

Overall, a great product from a nail brand that never disappoints.

You can get the Essie Quick-e Fast Dry Nail Drops from Essie stockists in the UK including Boots, Selfridges and Liberty.



This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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