Review: The Sponge Market Natural Honeycomb sponge

the sponge market honeycomb natural sea sponge

Growing up in Brazil, I remember always having natural sponges in the shower. They were always there. After a while, they disappeared and my move to London saw me never setting eyes on one again; I suppose I forgot about them, until The Sponge Market kindly sent me a lush Natural Honeycomb sea sponge to try.

And oh boy, I loved it. Their honeycomb sponge is firm when dry but turns extremely soft when wet. It feels amazing on the skin, not at all abrasive and my skin feels soft after use.

It also seems to make body wash go a longer way and even one I use that doesn’t lather produced some foam when applied to this sponge.

the sponge market honeycomb natural sea sponge

The first time I used it, it lost a few tiny bits, and I was a bit worried, but after that, it didn’t happen again.

Apart from being lovely to use, this product is great for being 100% natural and sustainable. It also doesn’t harbour bacteria, which can happen with synthetic ones.

The Honeycomb sea sponge, which is the most luxurious and longer lasting of sea sponges,  can be bought from The Sponge Market and it costs between £11 – £69, depending on the size.

They also do grass, silk and yellow natural sea sponges.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.


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