Review: LDN Skins Self Tan mousse

LDN SKINS Self tanning mousse

Oh, the time of the year when, no matter how hard you worked to hang on to it, the last tiny bit of holiday tan has escaped you… No wonder I was delighted when  LDN Skins came to the rescue with their Self Tan mousse!

Starting with the packaging: simple and clean, shiny black with gold lettering inside a red box with a smooth pump – I like it.

It was, however, the tan application mitt that *really* got me – far from the usual spongy one, LDN Skins gives you the most AMAZING black velvet mitt, that not only spreads the product very well, but also feels extraordinary on the skin; I am in love. AMAZING.

LDN SKINS Self tanning mousse

The mousse is medium in consistency and of a grey-ish brown colour, serving as a good guide when applying. It spreads very well on the skin (with that fantastic velvet mitt) and dries quickly. It has a lovely lavender scent that lingers in the bathroom after application.

Tan will develop over 6-8 hours, when you should wash it off. It smells a little bit for a little while after application, but not a lot. It stops smelling after that and not a trace once you wash it off. I should’ve applied before going to bed, but I forgot the day I really needed it, so I did in the morning and it was all developed by the evening. I suppose if I did apply before going to bed, I wouldn’t notice the smell at all.

The tan is a lovely golden shade, very natural looking.

LDN SKINS Self tanning mousse

This product is infused with organic cocoa, seaweed, melon. orange flower oil, grapefruit peel and of course, lavender, for added moisturising, nourishing and conditioning properties.

And here is the final tanning result:

medusa costume - somanylovelythings

You can get the LDN Skins Self Tan Mousse form their website; it costs £28 for 150ml (it comes with “that” mitt) and there are different tones to suit skin tones.

LDN Skins also has a range of other self tan products and skin prep, as well as professional tanning.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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