All over tan – Got your Back!

bronzie-tanning-mitt-4Tanning. I love looking bronzed; it makes me feel better. In fact, we all know that looking tanned masks the imperfections, so our bodies look better.

However, we all suffer from the back tanning problem: how to get even tan? Ask a friend? When I had a love in boyfriend the poor thing would, most of the time begrudgingly, apply tan on my back. What about now?

Fear not, Bronzie is here to save us all!

bronzie-tanning-mitt-1Bronzie Got Your Back is a 3 in 1 back and body mitt that not only solves the back tanning problem but also makes tan application much faster.

It is basically 2 luxury, velvety, soft and padded tanning mitts with a protective film on the inside, linked by the same material.

bronzie-tanning-mitt-3You can apply your favourite tanning product whenever is needed, anywhere on the mitt. The middle part is perfect for reaching across the whole back and back of the legs, like a huge tanned hug.

And of course, you have two mitts, one of each end of the band, to apply all over the body, so no need to change hands.

I have to say, tanning is way quicker and efficient since Bronzie entered my life.

And I must add: now that not only is the sun gone, but also gone is the hope of tanning in this country until next year (brrr, chilly wind), my Bronzie is going to get more frequent outings!

You can buy the Bronzie Got Your Back from their website, and it costs £14.99.


You know the drill, but I’ll say anyway: this post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

How it feels to be golden-Kissed by Mii

img_1084Oh how I love being tanned. For me, tanned is a natural state as a Brazilian, but since moving to London my skin has turned a colour I still don’t recognise as mine.

I’ve been using self tan for a while now, but have rarely had a spray tan.
Only my second ever, Kissed by Mii was a lovely experience.

The whole Kissed by Mii range – professional and at home – is enriched with marine mineral extracts. The nourishing benefits of coral seaweed and coastal flowers replenish the skin’s natural minerals to leave it soft, helping the tan develop evenly.

At the fabulous London ME set up, where I was introduced to the brand – not only the professional spray tan, but also their lovely and extensive makeup range and home tanning products – just added to the experience.

img_1083My tan-master, the lovely Shelley, explained every step, made me feel super comfortable in my Mii gown and turban, and selected the right shade for me, after consulting.

The process was quick, the tan dried quickly and the guide colour was fabulous.

img_1082Getting that tan was very welcome, as I was about to embark to Brasil on holiday, so the prospect of not glowing in the dark was exciting.

I have to admit that not being able to shower before bed was a bit unnerving for me, but I soldiered on.

img_1088In the morning, when I washed it off, the colour left was close to the guide, obviously lighter and more natural, an even sun-kissed golden perfect for my skin tone.

Smell wise, I have to admit I did catch a sniff from time to time – I’m quite sensitive about that, but overall it didn’t bother me too much.

img_1092Arriving in Brasil, the sun sadly disappeared within two days for a whole five, but my Mii tan stood in for it, until its return.

To be Kissed by Mii and look fab, check their website to find your nearest salon or professional offering the tanning service.

They also have the fabulous Kissed by Mii home tan range that includes all preparation os post-care, as well as amazing exfoliating wet wipes, well worth checking and coming to the blog soon!


This experience was gifted to me by Mii, but opinions are my own.

Need a quick tan job? HeShi to the rescue!

heshi_express - 1A week ago, I woke up stupidly early on a Saturday and noticed some Twitter movement on the Big Blogger Conference, organised by the lovely ladies from LDN MeetUp.

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Review: LDN Skins Self Tan mousse

LDN SKINS Self tanning mousse

Oh, the time of the year when, no matter how hard you worked to hang on to it, the last tiny bit of holiday tan has escaped you… No wonder I was delighted when  LDN Skins came to the rescue with their Self Tan mousse!

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Review: BeautyLab Peptide Tanning Lotion (DHA-free)

beautylab peptide tanning lotion dha free

By now you all know I love a good tan; being originally from a place where being tanned is pretty much your natural skin colour to living in London, where I never been so pale is not easy on the eye, so I was glad BeautyLab London sent me some help in the shape of their Skin Tanning Lotion.

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Product review: LW Tan Darker than Dark Glam self tan

laurens way darker than dark tan

That time of the year you cannot bear hiding your legs anymore, but they are so pale that it should be illegal you flash them in public. I know too well. We all know we will only be able to tan naturally in a few months. So fake it. And this time, I am using Lauren’s Way Darker than Dark Glam tan.

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Product review: He-Shi Dark Foaming mousse

He-shi dark foaming mousse - somanylovelythingsFirst I tried the liquid tan from He-Shi and loved it. Thought I couldn’t really find another product that I would like as much… until I tried their dark foaming mousse.

When you pump it, the dark supple foam comes out. Application is great, the foam glides on the skin, the fact it is dark makes it easy to see where you applied and it fries very quickly. Immediately, you can see a darker tone, but this will develop over eight hours leaving you with a great glow.

It works the same way as the Express Liquid Tan I reviewed before, but I think I prefer the foam type!

The lovely colour last for about five days too, it is pretty much smell free and doesn’t transfer!

I am really in love with the He-Shi products – although I am admittedly laying off them for the moment as I have a great natural tan, fruits of my France holiday. But I will be hanging on to it, topping it up with He-Shi!

This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.

Product review: He-Shi Express Liquid Tan

He-Shi Express Liquid Tan - somanylovelythingsSunbathing. I was very close to forgetting what it feels like to look at my body and have that golden glow. I welcomed that tan-mail and thanks to  He-Shi, I didn’t forget. In fact, I developed a noticeable yet natural tan really easily.

The first thing that surprised my was the liquid consistency on the He-Shi Express Liquid Tan (I know, the clue is in the name!). It is like caramel water.

Their tanning mitt is a great tool to the perfect tan. Using that, I was able to quickly apply the solution on my whole body, without worrying about orange palms. The fact the liquid is dark serves as a guide so you won’t apply twice on the same place, and help you make sure it is well spread and avoid streaks.

Application was very easy, the liquid glides on the skin, a small amount goes a long way and it can be layered to build up colour. Packaging is very simple, the bottle easy to use during the tanning process.

He-Shi Express Liquid Tan - somanylovelythings

Now, I noticed a change in colour immediately, as the liquid is dark, but it really developed overnight into a golden tone which lasted a good 5 days – I didn’t apply too much, spreading it really well. It smells a tiny bit (only if you stick your nose on your skin and smell it, but I didn’t catch a single whiff of the biscuity smell during the day/night).


What I also like is that, besides it being a great product, this is not tested on animals, contains moisturising agent, is Ecocert certificated (it means it is organic and natural – 100% natural DHA) and paraben and alcohol free! Nice, eh?

Thumbs up and definitely recommended.

So London, you might give me grey skies, but you shall not take away my tan!

This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.

Product review: Sienna X gradual tan lotion

Finally I got round to trying gradual tan lotion I was given by the lovely Nicky from Sienna X over at Olympia Beauty exhibition. This will make a long-ish review, as there were quite a few products to try!

Sienna X was in the media cloud area, and I was very excited to stop by, have a chat about the company and get hold of great products.

The company was born out of Nicola Matthews ingenious tanning cubicle idea, and evolved into a brand that provides salons with professional tanning supplies as well as helping with education, marketing and business support to salons and mobile therapists. Add to that tanning provided to huge TV shows (Strictly), fashion shows (London Fashion Week – Holly Fulton), glossy mags coverage and celebrities fan and you have a winning formula.

However, what really makes it and matters, for me is the product. I received a full size gradual tan lotion, as well as a sample of their Try me, Tan me kit in a pretty bag containing a Polishing Scrub, Dark Glowing self tan (which will also come with latex gloves!), Radiance Body Balm, and Silver Shimmer (when you buy a berry bag) or Gold Shimmer (when you buy a gold bag).

All the products I tried are paraben and cruelty free, have natural ingredients and some have anti cellulite and anti-ageing formulations. Instead of the Dark Glowing self tan, I decided to try the gradual tan sample only.

The packaging is very nice, with a lock pump, sturdy and easy to use, especially when you have your hands full of products. The lines are simple and modern, the colour scheme very pleasant to the eyes with good contrast – fuchsia/pink and gold, of course!

To prepare for the tan, I exfoliated my skin with the polishing scrub, which contains fine pumice, ginger and a lovely lemongrass smell (which is present across most products I tried).

After rinsing it off and drying my skin, I applied the gradual glowing self-tan lotion, which has aloe vera, almond old and cocoa butter AND the anti-cellulite formula! The cream is not too thick and spreads really well, so it is easy to rub thoroughly on the skin.  The colour develops in 6-8 hours. I applied at night and could not wait to see the result in the morning.

Finally, I applied the radiance body balm all over my body – this contains almond oil, shea butter and vitamin E, has a very nice consistency and also spreads well, being absorbed quickly by the skin and leaving a subtle cocoa smell, which I love. This, after the self tanning lotion, is my favourite product from the samples I got.

I woke up to a sun-kissed skin, much richer than I thought I would after only one application. The colour is a lovely light shade of gold, not too orange for my skin tone. There were no streaks, which is fantastic;  in the past, I always went for sprays and mixed with moisturiser, to avoid streaks!!!. My skin was also soft and feeling moisturised. My palms, being washed as instructed, had no stains! Bonus!

When I got to work, I also noticed that the radiance balm had left very subtle shimmery flecks all over my body, and the over all effect was a nice sheen – I wasn’t sparkly! The following day I washed my body with the Balance body wash, with silk protein, ginger and lemongrass, which is meant to help to prolong your tan.

The proof is in the nose (yeah, you heard it!)

So, the whole line and the tanning product are ace right? Wait for this, it gets better. When Nicky offered me the lotion for review, she asked what was my problem, if any, with tanning products. I said, without thinking twice, “the smell”, to which she replied “we got an award for best smelling tanning product”. That got me excited, despite being quite sceptical. I have tried many tanning products over the year, even though this is the first I review, and the smell really, really gets to me.

Well, I ate my words. This products smell is much, much, much better than anything I tried before. I am not going to say there is not even a tiny sign of that “biscuit” smell that exhales from your body after self tanning application. There was, but it was almost imperceptible. At no point during the day I caught a sniff of it. NOT A SNIFF. Amazing!

So I am sold. I am soooo glad Nicky gave me a full size bottle if the Gradual self tan! This is my favourite  self tanning lotion and I shall keep using it – more than vanity, it is a need, just because I am from a tropical country, and I don not recognise myself in the colour I turn into in this country!

For more information on these products and others from Sienna X, visit their website. They also offer free delivery in the UK!

I was offered the products to review by Sienna X. The review is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my opinion on it.