Need a quick tan job? HeShi to the rescue!

heshi_express - 1A week ago, I woke up stupidly early on a Saturday and noticed some Twitter movement on the Big Blogger Conference, organised by the lovely ladies from LDN MeetUp.

On investigation, I decided I wanted to go. Someone had a ticket to sell and I rushed to get ready. I had to leave the house in an hour and a quarter from making my decision. London was uncharacteristically hot and skirt was the only option.

But me legs were so horribly white that I couldn’t bring myself to bare them. Until I remembered I had just received the HeShi 1 Hour Rapid Tanning Liquid. Was it going to save me?

Well, it did. This special pack comes with a tanning mitt, so no fretting looking for one. After my shower I just applied all over and hoped for the best.

This self tan acts quite, but gradually. In one hour, you develop a golden finish, in two hours, a dark colour and in 3-4 hours, an ultra dark colour.

heshi_express - 2By the time I left the house, an hour after application, I had that golden glow, enough for people not be blinded by the reflection of my white pins.

By lunchtime, I had he most gorgeous tan. I was worried about transfer, as it was a hot day and there was some tube sweating happening. But luckily, it wasn’t the case.

I washed it in the afternoon, and the remaining tan is glorious: a dark gold shade, even and super natural. It is a good thing this tan doesn’t smell, even when developing (AMAZING!), so it was fine to keep it on.

Thank you HeShi for saving my day!

The fabulous HeShi Rapid 1 Hour Liquid Tan can be purchased on the HeShi website. As I mentioned, at the moment they have this lovely limited edition pack that comes with a mitt, for £21 (saving of £7.50).

HeShi is a fantastic self tanning brand. Check out my review on their gold foaming mousse, express liquid tan and the dark mousse.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.

One thought on “Need a quick tan job? HeShi to the rescue!

  1. hmmm ?? this product,,,, I will defiantly want to have,,, NEXT ! I am / want to start to wear,,,,,, SKIRTS-NEXT,,, & Heshi sounds like with,,,, my / I mean,, Kelly:s legs, can really use this product. Now I HAVE to look for a nice/good product for when I,,,, SHAVE my legs,,, he, he, he, with out giving me any problems 😦 A very good post Dani,,,,, Kelly

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