Crazy for coconuts!

coconut_products_somanylovelythings - 1Crazy for coconuts I love coconuts. Everything about them is amazing, I love the Fresh fruit, the water, the milk, dried and dissecated, the smell…

No wonder I am a sucker for products that contain coconut.

At the moment I have a little arsenal of beauty and food products I use on a regular basis.

coconut_products_somanylovelythings - 2Fighting the beauty corner, I have the lovely Fake Bake Beauty Dolce Dream Coconut Macaroon body scrub.

Honestly, it’s good enough to eat. Plus it’s as a fabulous grittiness, which provides fabulous exfoliation and amazingly soft skin, and a great product for tan prep.

coconut_products_somanylovelythings - 6The Yes To Coconut body lotion is great. A light lotion that sinks immediately on the skin but at the same time gives deep moisture and no grease. Oh, did I mention that coconut smell?!

Coconut oil is crosses over the realm of beauty and food. I’ve been using Chi Coconut Oil, mainly for cooking and as a spread.

coconut_products_somanylovelythings - 5It also makes a great conditioner for cuticles and nails, as well as hair and eyelashes. Look out for organic, virgin and raw for real results.

coconut_products_somanylovelythings - 3On the food side, I just love coconut water. It’s thirst-quenching, full of nutrients and tastes amazing!

Innocent has just launched their very own coconut water and I learnt to make amazing mocktails with it, which I had never tried before.

It’s also amazing in green juices, instead of water; it is super refreshing and full of electrolytes.

coconut_products_somanylovelythings - 4Coconut milk has to be thing of the gods, I swear. I’ve been having it on my coffee, tea (I discovered the amazing T2 Terrific Toffee) and as a snack. Amazing with chia to create a pudding. Double yum.

Coconut milk is also fabulous, especially when making oriental soups and also to make coconut yoghurt – I’ll be tying that very soon!

Dissecated coconut has been a favourite for years, I love adding it to yoghurt, breakfast pots and to my protein muffins.

I even popped the Bondi Sands tan to the list as it smells of coconuts! That’s how obsessed I am!

Not to mention fresh green coconuts on the beach… What a dream!

Do you like the tropical twist goodness of coconuts? Or not a fan?


This post contains a mix of samples and products I bought myself.

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