Review: Chi Coconut Oil


I am mad about coconuts – it is one of my favourite tastes – i love the water, the pulp, dissecated, the milk, name it – if it has coconut in it, I will probably love it.

And that’s why I was more than happy to try Chi Coconut Oil – an extremely versatile product that is great for you.

Cold pressed, organic and 100% virgin, Chi Coconut oil comes in a solid form in a 500g jar. It melts into liquid upon touch (and also if out of the fridge in warmer London days, I found out!)

This oil has immense health benefits: its medium chain triglycerides can aid weight loss and are good for the brain; its lauric acid is a good  for the heart and antibacterial; the ketones can aid with seizures; it can help control cholesterol and many, many more.


It is also, great for beauty – as an emollient and moisturiser for body and face, it is great for hair (Blake Lively, apparently, swears by it), for eyelashes… you name it!

I used before going to bed, on my hair, to wash the next morning and my hair was silky smooth; once a week, I use it on my lashes and around the eyes for extra moisturisation. It is also great for the rough areas, like heels, elbows and knees, and even as a post-shower body oil. Phew!

As a beauty product, however, I’d rather have the oils in a smaller, more bathroom friendly packaging, but that is my only, very minor negative about it.

As I said, so many uses – gym and diet buffs will use it for cooking – think whey protein pancakes fried in a few drops of it. But it can be used for cooking in general.

Really, coconut oil is a hero- for all over the body, inside and out. You can cook with it, eat raw, in salads and dressing, or apply to your body.

Chi also makes the most amazing coconut water and coconut milk drinks – I tried a few (lucky me) – their delicious coconut water is 100% pure and they also have 100% natural blends with mango, pineapple, tropical fruits and coconut milk with espresso and chocolate (dribble, soooo yum!).

You can rest assured that Chi products are ethically sourced from local farmers and, to make them even better, a percentagem of their sales is donated to One Seed Life, which helps orphanages in Thailand.

You can purchase Chi products, including their coconut waters, milks and oil from the Chi London website and you can also find them in various retailers, such as Whole Foods, Waitrose, Harrods, Tesco, Booths, Planet Organic, WHSmith, Amazon, Fortnum & Mason and Sefridges amongst others – find your nearest here.




This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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