Smoothing my skin with Fake Bake Beauty

fake_bake_coconut_macaroon_scrub - 1Body scrubs are among my favourite body products. The feeling of that smooth to the touch skin is just too fab.

Fake Bake, the best selling UK tan brand, also has a great range of skin care products and I immediately fell in love with their Coconut Macaroon body scrub, part of their Dolce Dreams bath & body line.

fake_bake_coconut_macaroon_scrub - 2Yes, it contains coconuts and I have already mentioned my love of coconuts, so this product was halfway there to be loved to bits.

The smell is divine, and I am a sucker for a sweet scent. But let’s not be too superficial here. This scrub is indeed very lovely.

fake_bake_coconut_macaroon_scrub - 3It has a fabulous yet gentle grittiness to it. The medium on which the granules are is very rich and melts in the skin, polishing and hydrating it.

It can get quite soft, almost liquid in warmer days and in hot bathrooms,  but it is still usable in that form. Just be careful not to spill it.

Leaves the skin super soft with a very subtle fragrance and is the perfect preparation to receive the amazing Fake Bake tanning products.

It contains sugar, coconut oils and shea butter. Its formula is non-sting, so it is perfect to use after shaving or waxing to help avoid ingrowing hairs.

fake_bake_coconut_macaroon_scrub - 4It costs £14 and can be purchased from the Fake Bake Beauty website, where you can also find their makeup, skin care and of course, tanning lines.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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