My very own red lipstick from MDMflow

mdmflow lipstick - somanylovelythingsYes, you read it right. I had the pleasure to blend my very own custom colour of the gorgeous MDMflow lipstick at the Bratz dolls launch event.

Let’s call it MDaniM Red. MDMflow is a brand I admire not only because it is a beauty brand with lovely lipsticks, but because it has girl power written all over it.

mdmflow lipstick - somanylovelythingsIts founder, Florence Adepoju, brings her science (she has a BSc in Cosmetic Science) to create street style lipsticks with a 90s-00s hip hop vibe. Yes, THAT.

Recently, the brand has had some media exposure and before I came across them in the flesh I already had my eyes on it via social and press coverages.

mdmflow lipstick - somanylovelythingsThe packaging is great, a heavy, shiny and sleek golden bullet slight slimmer and smaller than your usual lipstick. Pretty and great for handbags.

I chose a red base and added quite a bit of orange pigments, as orange-reds are my favourites, to create this customised, exclusive shade for myself.

After that, it was added to the mould to set, after which they were put into the packaging by Florence herself.

mdmflow lipstick - somanylovelythingsMine wasn’t the only hand-made. All of MDMflow lippies are crafted manually and using the latest colour technology.

The colour is great, durability too. The formulation is slightly on the harder consistency side for application, but not enough to be a problem.

Then you ask: at the Bratz dolls event, Dani? Yes. I was invited and thought: they are fashionable dolls, they wear makeup AND are super girlie. Get it now?

The Bratz iconic fashion dolls relaunched in the UK with a bang. The lovely collection with known members Cloe, Jasmin, Jade and Sasha brought in a new girl, Raya (my fave, with her burger shoes) to join them in their adventures.

The dolls bring a variety of skin colours and cultures (there’s a “student exchange line), lifestyles (fitness and snow sports), accessories (for the dolls and the girls) and entertainment content.

Being the kid I am, I really wanted to grab a few of the sets and just play away. Seriously.

Bratz are back and you can get them from Argos and other retailers around the UK.

On the MDMflow lipsticks, do check them out on their website. Colours like Di La la (black) and Mas Marina (blue), really embody the edge and quirk of the brand.

Their reds are bold, their oranges bright. Well worth checking. They sell for £18 and they now have a mascara (£21).


The product reviewed was gifted during a press event. Opinion is my own.

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