Product review: LW Tan Darker than Dark Glam self tan

laurens way darker than dark tan

That time of the year you cannot bear hiding your legs anymore, but they are so pale that it should be illegal you flash them in public. I know too well. We all know we will only be able to tan naturally in a few months. So fake it. And this time, I am using Lauren’s Way Darker than Dark Glam tan.

The self tanning liquid comes in a spray bottle, very easy to use. I sprayed it on an applicator mitt (sold separately). The colour on the liquid is actually a bit scary – a super deep brown – which I should expect as this is a “darker than dark product”; but applies very well and it doesn’t look that scary once it is on. I usually apply my fake tan quite sparsely, as I feel I get nicer, more natural results.

It buffs really nicely on the skin and it is not overly wet or sticky, being absorbed promptly. It doesn’t really smell of anything upon application.

After application, my colour was actually quite nice. It dries really quickly; the recommended time is not to get dressed for 60 seconds after application, and that is about right. Another recommendation is not to shower for at least 8 hours after application, so the colour can develop further, and also avoid excess sweat or water in the period.

It developed really well, but the stuff is potent, so make sure that when you apply, you buff really well, especially on feet, hands and around belly button. I woke up with a lovely colour, dark but natural for my skin tone, golden and healthy.

And with minimum smell. I was very impressed with the smell on this product – nothing on application and very little afterwards – really, had to sniff my arms very hard to catch a minimal whiff. After showering for the first time after applying the tan, a bit of the colour came off, leaving an even more natural tan. I particularly love the colour on my legs.

I have to say I was pretty sceptical about this one – as I am about any celeb product – but I will bite my tongue – Lauren does know her tan –  and am ready to receive another coat of this deliciously dark stuff!

You can find the LW Darker than Dark Glam tan for £19.95 (250ml), plus other products, on the Lauren’s Way website. There are nice gift boxes (great for Mother’s Day) and free delivery for orders over £25. Lauren’s Way also have lashes, professional tanning systems, hair extensions and the LW Essex Angels, a team of mobile beauty therapists offering varied beauty services! Worth checking!


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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