Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc


Everything Posh touches turns into gold, and after making herself a very reputable career in fashion, VB collaborates with Nails Inc to launch two exclusive nail shades.

Judo Red (tomato) and Bamboo White (off white), inspired by her SS15 Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection, can be snapped up from the shelves this Monday 08 December (yeah, that soon!).

The square packaging is really cool and very much in line with her accessories, if you ask me.

I really like Mrs. Beckham and find fabulous that all the stick she got for “not being able to sing” (even though she still makes a considerable amount of money out of that) she really consolidated herself in the high fashion world, proving not only her flair, but talent for the thing.

At £25, I feel the price on these polishes is a bit steep, but the shades are great and the bottle is rather nice. And it carries the magic words “limited edition”.

After this news, the beauty world is all eyes, with due excitement – is this the very beginning of VB Beauty? Some are putting their money on it! We shall watch (closely) and see…

You can get your beautifully manicured claws on those at, from 8 Dec 14. They will be available globally from February next year.


Let me know what you think:

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