Nails of the week: Rouge Louboutin nail polish and gold

rouge louboutin nails

Lo and behold, this nail junkie gave into something I thought it would go amiss: the gorgeously packaged Christian Louboutin in Louboutin Rouge.

rouge louboutin nails

Admittedly, I didn’t actually buy it; it came in my stocking, so I feel I didn’t contradicted myself that much. Although I left it pretty open, I went on about the price quite a bit in a post when the launch was announced.

Anyway, here it is. The colour is, of course, the perfect red sole red. The polish itself is of a fantastic quality, with one coat delivering the perfect coverage.

rouge louboutin nails

I ended up going for two coats, because you know, it’s me. Maybe I shouldn’t as I think for that reason it took a while to dry completely. It was surface-dry (to touch) really quickly, but a harsh knock showed it was still drying underneath.

Still, it dried in reasonable time. The colour is vivid, finish glossy and lovely. Have to say, as a red nail polish lover, this really hits the spot.

The brush was of reasonable size, the extremely long cap (which is gooooorgeous) gets in the way of application a little bit; it is just too awkward, I am not going to lie.

I then applied beautiful half moons by cutting Girlznailz wraps in Gold Thunder then applied Seche Vite topcoat.rouge louboutin nails

Do I think it is worth £36? My vanity says yes, yes, yeeees – great quality polish, fantastic shade, optimum durability. My mind says *probably* not. And I use “probably” very loosely here. If anything, the awesome bottle it comes in makes it sooooo worth it. So basically, I am still undecided, leaning towards yes. May be. rouge louboutin nails

But boy, do I love it?

You can find more about Rouge and the other 15 Louboutin nail colour here. It costs £36 and you can get it in selected Christian Louboutin boutiques and concessions, as well as online.

The shoes are Christian Louboutin Zappa.




6 thoughts on “Nails of the week: Rouge Louboutin nail polish and gold

  1. Hi I sure hope that U wouldn’t mind that a; Cross dresser likes reading your Blog, I do *LOVE,,, the color !!!!! w0w its S0000 Pretty & looks AWESOME! Love your shoes as well too,,, Good post,,, Kelly 🙂


    • Hey Kelly! Why would I mind? I am in fact very flattered that you read and enjoy my blog, it means a lot to me 🙂 Welcome to So many Lovely Things! The colour is indeed fabulous, an amazing red. And the durability is also ace – still no chips. And the shoes… well, they are my latest love affair, hahaha
      Thank you so much for you lovely comment and your visit!
      Dani xxx


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